Together against cancer

Diagnosis Of Cancer. A shock for the victims, for the families, for the entire environment. A lot of questions then: what happens after the diagnosis? Which therapy is best suited for me? In the first episode, Dr. Carmen Lilla, and Dr. Holger kroenig about the beginnings and the revolutionary progress of cancer research, and talk about how the future of treatment, especially in the immune-Oncology, might look like.

Innovation and perspectives in cancer research (episode 1)

Cancer research has made in the last few years a lot of progress. However, from the research and development to mark the introduction of a drug up to 13 years often. In the second episode of the podcast Dierk gives Neugebauer insights into the innovation process, such as medicines prices, and answered the question of whether, in particular, cancer drugs will be even more affordable.

From the first idea to the finished product as a cancer drug (episode 2)is formed

The fight against cancer is fought on several levels at the same time. Not only do the research myself. In the development of therapy concepts, it is also a question of cancer, holistically, to take into account the aspect of quality of life stronger. In the third episode, Dr. Michael May explains the importance of personalized treatment options and the role of Artificial intelligence for the therapy of cancer in the future.

Personalization of cancer therapy (episode 3)

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