To Triptans Alternative New drugs against migraine

Triptans are first-in moderate to severe migraine attacks. Because of its vasoconstrictor effect, some people should not take these medicines, however. For these patients, two new drugs have been developed classes, the so-called Ditane and Gepante, such as the German society for neurology (DGN) reported.

But when it comes down to a severe migraine attack, were previously used only triptans available to reduce the symptoms. These drugs are very effective, however, you have a property that prohibits some of the patients they take: they have the effect of vascular narrowing. Certain risk factors for cardiovascular disease are present or a Patient has already had a heart attack or stroke, can be the intake of Triptans dangerous to life. For these patients, new drugs have been developed that are currently in the clinical trial.

Ditane and Gepante relieve Migräneattacken

The first group of "Ditane" the drug Lasmiditan is part of. It is similar to a Triptan, but has no vasoconstrictor effect. In two large Phase 3 studies of Lasmiditan was more effective in the Acute treatment of a Migraine more than Placebo. The substance can, however, call unpleasant side effects such as drowsiness, fatigue and dizziness. The second new approach in the treatment of the migraine attack are called "Gepante". In a larger randomized, Placebo-controlled studies for the treatment of acute attacks of Migraine, the active ingredients were investigated Ubrogepant and Rimegepant. Both are more effective than Placebo and, in contrast to Lasmiditan, only minor side effects.

As yet no direct comparison studies with the Triptans are. However, it is assumed that both classes of substances are likely to be less effective than triptans. "But, nevertheless, they are for patients with severe migraine, in whom triptans are contraindicated, a long-awaited and important therapy option. It must not be forgotten that there was for these patients, yet no acute therapy of migraine. Everyone knows how painful and highly prejudicial to a severe migraine attack can be, will understand that in this Situation, also therapies, which are slightly less effective than hoped, enhance the quality of life significantly können", Professor Dr. Hans-Christoph Diener, spokesman for the DGN explains.

Migränetherapie has improved

The therapeutic spectrum has extended to patients with migraine in the past few years. Thus, antibodies are now available to prevent migraine attacks effectively and the seizure frequency, reduce ( reported).


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