These Celebrities Invest and Make Money Outside Show Business!

Celebrities take up a significant percentage of the world’s population who belong to the elite class. Thanks to the tons of projects and endorsements these actors, actresses, musicians, or athletes have, they earn a lot of money from their gigs.

This enables them to achieve their dream of buying their own house or car in a short period of time.  However, the financial experts say money is finite regardless of what your status is. If you’re spending your money mindlessly, you’ll go broke before you even realize it.

Good thing these celebrities invest their money in proper platforms, causing them to make more money even without Hollywood and showbiz engagements. Let us uncover how these celebrities spend their money well.

Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher was known for his notable role in the romantic comedy show “Two and a Half Men.”

The renowned Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher got interested in investing in technology. That’s why as soon as he starts making money on his career, he spent a portion of it in co-founding A-Grade Investments in 2010.

This company paved the way for the realization of some of the technologies widely implemented and used around the world like Airbnb and Uber. Kutcher is also an early investor of Spotify when it offered its first IPO. As of 2013, Kutcher’s firm already has over $100 million in company value, and it continues to rise until this day.


Beyonce may be one of the richest celebrities in the Hollywood industry, but she’s also an active investor of technology startup companies. Beyonce invested more than $150,000 to create the app SideSteps.

According to Techcrunch, the app lets the public get instant access to buying concert tickets or official merchandise. The app was a tremendous success since it garnered a staggering $2 million in sales as of last year. Aside from this tech company, Beyonce also has Ivy Park, her own activewear fashion brand.

Jay Z

Meanwhile, Beyonce’s husband is also building his own business empire.

The other half of the power couple, Jay Z, also has his financial prowess soaring high. Beyonce’s husband already has a soaring music career. However, he doesn’t stop there in his efforts to dominate the world. He also invaded the corporate world by establishing Tidal, his own management company, music streaming platform, and record label business.

Aside from this venture, Jay Z also owns a number of cosmetics companies, stadiums, plane-booking apps, and even a winery company named Sovereign Brands. His business empire enables him to generate millions of dollars even if he didn’t work for music in a while.

Magic Johnson

Johnson may have already retired from basketball, but not before building his own legacy. Now, he owns the massive investment firm Magic Johnson Enterprises which he mainly uses to invest in popular franchises.

This enables him to generate massive wealth and own shares in gyms, movie theaters, as well as thousands of Burger King, Starbucks, and T.G.I.F franchises all over the world. His latest venture includes being one of the LA Dodgers’ owners. According to reports, he paid $50 million for the said acquisition deal.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Despite the criticisms her business received from the public, Paltrow’s Goop continues to thrive.

When Paltrow first launched Goop, she received a massive backlash from the public for selling knickknacks for an expensive price. However, the investors saw the potential of her promising business. According to CNBC’s report, Paltrow was able to raise an astounding $20 million for her venture capital funding. However, it remains unclear whether or not Goop was profitable or not.

Robert DeNiro

DeNiro established the Japanese-style restaurant franchise Nobu with Nobu Matsuhisa. Their first-ever branch was established in New York which later on expanded to major cities worldwide. Now, Nobu restaurants are making their trademark in the international food scene. They also expanded their brand by adding a Las Vegas hotel and a luxurious cruise. As of 2015, the company’s value climbed to $500 million.

Francis Ford Coppola

Coppola may have left his legacy by creating iconic Hollywood movies like the Godfather and Apocalypse Now, but his fame paved a way for him to invest in real estate in Nappa Valley. He then transformed the estate into a winery. Now, Coppola Wines are one of the most famous and sold-out wines worldwide. This successful venture enables him to earn millions of dollars without directing movies frequently.

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