The number of measles deaths worldwide to 140,000

In the past year, more than 140,000 people died of the consequences of a measles infection, nearly 9.8 million are ill. The estimate of the world health organization (WHO) and the US health authority CDC. The viruses therefore remain a global danger.

In comparison to 2017, the Numbers increased slightly. At the time, the WHO from 124,000 death was cases and 7.6 million infections. Most children under the age of five are at risk of the current according to the data. This is also due to the fact that babies and toddlers have the highest risk for the disease.

Measles can lead to life-threatening complications such as pulmonary inflammation and the brain dangerous swell. Even years after the infection, the risk of brain inflammation, which occurs very rare, but always fatal, is. In 2016, for example, was died in Hesse, a six-year-old, who had been infected shortly after birth with the measles.

Ukraine affected extremely strong

“The fact that any child dies of a disease that could be like the measles by a vaccine to prevent is, frankly, a scandal,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director of the WHO. “In order to protect life, we need to make sure that each profitieret from the Use of vaccinations.”

Most of the deaths there were, according to the report, in areas where access to vaccines is limited. Alone in the Democratic Republic of Congo this year came to more than 5000 people in a measles epidemic claimed the lives of. Among the five most affected countries, Liberia, Somalia, Madagascar and the Ukraine as well.

The report also shows that the access to vaccines, outbreaks can not be prevented. The United States reported to 2018, so for the last 25 years. In Europe four countries have lost their Status as a “measles-free”: Albania, the Czech Republic, Greece and the UK.

In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute according to 2018 were reported more than 600 measles cases. This was less than in 2017, at that time, more than 1000 people ill. Actually, had obliged Germany, however, the measles by 2015, to eradicate.

Vaccination rates have been stagnating for almost a decade

While a vaccine which protects against measles has existed for more than 50 years. According to the WHO, the vaccination rates are stagnant, however, for almost a decade. It is estimated that around 86 percent of the children were given the 2018 world the first dose of the vaccination. For safe protection, two syringes are necessary, however, these were less than 70 percent.

Measles is among the most contagious pathogens at all. The viruses contain, must be vaccinated according to the WHO, a minimum of 95 percent of the population – both doses of the vaccine have received.

In Germany, only 93 percent of the children were in school entrance examinations in 2017, twice vaccinated. Nine percent were not included in the statistics in the first place, because your Vaccination card was missing. According to the calculations of the Barmer health insurance, the vaccination Coverage in Germany is even below 90 percent. In order to increase the Numbers adopted by the Bundestag is a vaccination for daycare children, which occurs in March 2020.

How vaccination can protect the long-term, global Trend. He is much more positive than the short-term view: 2000 infected still 23 million people with measles, more than twice as many as today. Also, the number of deaths exceeded a half million.