Systemic therapy is Fund performance

The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) has decided to the Systemic therapy as an Obligation of the statutory health insurance allow. The psychotherapy method for the treatment of the mentally ill adult, was accordingly supplemented in the Directive psychotherapy.

The two professional associations German society for Systemic therapy, counseling and family therapy (DGSF) and the Systemic society (SG) had already been requested for years, to make the Systemic therapy to the Fund performance. In 2008, the proceeding was declared by the Scientific Advisory Board psychotherapy as “scientifically recognized”. So far, only the psychoanalysis, the deep-psychologically founded psychotherapy and behavior therapy are accepted as outpatient care from health insurance.

Symptoms arise due to relationship patterns

In the systemic therapy, the problems are not seen as a property of individual persons, but as an effect of social relations within a family or group. “Individual symptoms are produced as a result of disease and maintaining relationship patterns in the context of the significant persons in their lives seen,” says the Website of the DGSF. The therapy focuses therefore not on the individual but on the interaction between members of the family and the wider social environment – it is, therefore, also as a family therapy.

“This is a Moment many people in Germany have been waiting for,” said Ulrike Borst, Chairman of the systemic society. “The psycho-therapeutic offer of the statutory health insurance has been a highly effective and innovative offering.”

A year ago, the G had acknowledged to BA the Benefits and the medical necessity of systemic therapy in adults as a psychotherapy method. The method acting for adults, in particular, for the treatment of anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder with unipolar Depression, schizophrenia, substance use disorders, and eating disorders, – stated in the message of the G-BA.

Less meetings, more people

The G-BA according to the Systemic therapy can be offered in the future of medical and psychological psychotherapists with relevant training as a short-term therapy twice for twelve hours of Therapy. As a long time therapy it can take up to 48 hours.

In addition, you can be as individual or group therapy or as a combination of the two offered. The specific form of Application is setting, therefore, the “more people”, in the case of the relevant reference persons of the patient into the treatment will be included. Proponents of the systemic therapy assume that the number of necessary meetings could be reduced and thus the cost.

The decision to Change the psychotherapy Directive will now be submitted to the Federal Ministry of health (BMG) for legal review. It occurs after non-objection by the Federal Ministry of health and publication in the Federal Gazette.