Study reveals: Eleven diet mistakes are responsible for millions of heart dead

Cardiovascular diseases are cause of death number one. Almost half of all cardiac deaths, according to the US nutrition scientists on the account of unhealthy eating habits. In a large study to show which foods we should and what we eat less, to protect the heart.

  • Most nuts and seeds for heart and vessels.
  • Sugar-sweetened drinks dead for most of the Heart responsible.
  • Vegetables and whole-grain health not conscious.

Our food will kill us. In the U.S. alone, 400,000 people died in the year 2015, a cardiovascular disease, triggered by an unhealthy diet. Extrapolating the number to all industrial countries, millions of heart dead to harmful eating habits. A too Much or too Little of certain foods is especially crucial. What a Central role to play, researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle calculated.

You put the data in a long-term diet study in connection with the deaths by heart and vascular diseases. Study Director Ashkan Afshin came to the conclusion: “Nearly half of all cardiovascular deaths in the US were through a healthier diet to avoid.”

The risk for heart and blood vessels increases, when we are at this