Sports in recreation improves school grades

Young people, the goings-on in their leisure time a lot of sports, have better grades in English and math. A new study by education researchers at the University of Würzburg shows. To deal with bad grades with house arrest, according to the results, so the wrong way.

The würzburg researchers have compared 235 students between the ages of 15 and 16 years, the weekly sports time with your school grades. While boys with little sports obtained the afternoon in math, the average grade of 3.5, the athletic youth, playing football in a club, the stars of 2.9. At a higher level of this note shows a difference in girls: athletes made in math and a 2.3-ahead to the less-active girl in order to a half Note. The same picture appeared also in German.

From this, the scientists derive their recommendation, to enable children at an early stage, Sport as a counterbalance to stress in school. "In sports, the students will experience success faster and learn team spirit, both of which are hugely beneficial for a healthy Entwicklung", the educational researcher from würzburg, Professor Heinz Reinders says. The school grades the children are worse than hoped, he advises, the leisure activities of the children, not to restrict, or even remove them completely. "This is, at least for the Sport fundamentally falsch", as Reinders. Withdrawal from Sport in the afternoon could worsen the Situation even more.


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