Plogging: Constantly Good to do

The term “Plogging” the words “plocka” (Swedish for “collect”, “cancel”) and “Jogging” together. Meanwhile, the “eco-Workout” from Sweden also in our favour. Especially in big cities, the ecological Trend is very popular. The city benefits from it. And if you have a couple of tips to heart, comes the Workout to the body.

When Plogging is about, with a garbage bag and armed for the Jogging break up , and the running track here and there from plastic and other waste to get rid. Especially in large cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne, a number of Plogging have done in the course of time, Fans groups together, for each additional member. And that’s not all: Also in the water is diligently collected. So-called SUPpicker (Stand Up Paddle-Picker) have taken on the task waters from plastic & To free co..

Four reasons why Plogging of the super trend to 2020 should be

1. Anyone can join

Running shoes lace up and go: your bet pays off, whether you’re a keen runner or just beginning with the sport of running start. In addition, we have made it here at last, with a Trend to do the us not a Cent will cost. For free, Yes, but not in vain.

2. Publicly to set an example

Here is a empty pack of cigarettes, there is an abandoned disposable BBQ is Pretty different. And still go most of the day-to-day to this Garbage over and look the other way is not your waste.

It is high time to rethink,. And how could you better a sign of environmental pollution , as in all Public garbage pick up? A group of people, the bags with running shoes and garbage in the hands of the meadows runs, attracts attention. Many Communities are holding their actions on Facebook, Instagram and co. The more people from Plogging hear, the more people will join in.

3. Increased Training Effect

That Running as an endurance sport keeps you fit, is generally known. When Plogging be in addition to even more muscle groups. Regularly Bend, Squat and straighten up the strengthen for example their thighs. The additional weight comes, of course, through the trash bag, which is from kilometers to kilometers heavy. Also, the poor remain so not spared. The “Stop-and-Go”movement Plogging could go clean through as the interval training. The constant deceleration, and calling for additional effort and sets new goals.

However, you should always pay attention to the movements of the back – and knee-friendly run. With these tips, you are on the safe side:

  • You go into the squat, instead of the knee through stretching and to the bending of the back. The upper body is kept as straight as possible, to protect the spine. So, you can prevent, for example, back pain or lumbago.
  • If you have knee problems, you can recycle the Stop-and-Go smoothly. Thus, the deceleration can lead to a Springer knee (patella tip syndrome). This injury often occurs during sports that require sudden braking. Tip: to Run slowly, instead of stopping abruptly.
  • In the case of heavy objects in the stomach should be tense. The main work is always executed with the legs. Even so, you can back or low back pain prevention.
  • If you are biased, and health concerns, you should consult your doctor, possible risks, to clarify.

4. A sense of community

Such actions strengthen the group feeling and welding together. You may establish even a friendship. In the case of Facebook for example, there are numerous groups that will enjoy a new member. To listen the best way is to simply change. And if there is still no Plogging Community in your area, why not start one?

What to do with the trash?

Who is a well-established Plogging-the community should adopt, must as a rule is not disposal of the collected waste to make. Usually there is an agreement with the municipal waste operatedby the Fund for the collection and dispose of properly. If you are alone or in a small, private group, you should be careful to only collect waste that belongs in the normal tons. Another possibility is the recycling centre is.

Hygiene and safety: So, you ploggen safely

  • Wear gloves to protect against sharp objects.
  • Do not touch during the Plogging-action possible in the face. Who knows what germs frolic in the garbage?
  • Items such as shards of glass or used syringes should not, or only with a waste-to-nose pliers are best collects.
  • Following wash hands thoroughly.

Regardless of whether you are alone or in a group, whether you run slow or fast, and whether you return with one or with ten artefacts in the Luggage of your Workout: Plogging is the new running!


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