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What pharmacy students think about where you want to work? A survey shows that you öpublic pharmacies as an integral part of the health system, see

Pharmacy students work after graduation häoften in the pharmacy

The pharmacy market and the tradition-rich professional image of the pharmacist are changing and are discussed in specialized circles a lot. What is the the next Generation? What pharmacy students think as zuküfuture designers in the industry, what are the chances of you, where wu&#776 see;you want more Unterstüup?

In order to obtain answers to these questions, 133 pharmacy students to their Zukunftsplänen interviewed. This happened in the framework of a baseline study on behalf of the word & Image publishing, in cooperation with the Federal Association of pharmacy students in Germany e. V. (BPhD).

Students: competence of the pharmacist is even more important

Overall, two-thirds (65%) of the pharmacy students are üassured that, in spite of increasingly difficult market conditions, the local pharmacy will always remain an integral part of our health system.

This advice and expertise (76%) of the pharmacist will play an increasingly important role, in General, ver&auml in the opinion of the pharmacy students in the professional image of the pharmacist significantly;change (57%). Unabhäregardless of these developments, the respondents forecast a growing number of online pharmacies (81%), wherein each Second (50%) hoped that this zuküin the future stäamplifier to be regulated.

Good Career Prospects

The opportunities and prospects on the labour market are seen by the pharmacy students positive: 92 per cent of the professional future to assess the opportunities with a pharmacy degree as a good to very good.

The most attractive a T&auml appears to be;transparency in the research or development of a pharmaceutical company (72%). Dafür speaking from the point of view of the respondents, in particular, attractive Verdienstmöopportunities and tremendous career opportunities. On the other hand, schäa to protect these Jobs as very stressful, and rar.

In the second place, a Position as a pharmacist in a hospital pharmacy, the für about two-thirds (64%) of pharmacy students. In particular, the professional image of the station, a pharmacist, is still relatively new and not every student is familiar with Details of the tasks. The majority combines a high Maß of responsibility, interesting, varied Täactivities and ‘on AugenhöHey’ to be doctors.

Employee Pharmacist? Für 2 of 5 students to imagine

At some distance behind the T&auml follows;transparency, as an employee pharmacist in a öpublic pharmacy (41%). Für this Tätransparency speaks especially of the temporal Flexibilität, the many in the context of a Familiengrümaking or after a certain age, quite schäsupport. The numerous Vacancies in this area in almost every city in Germany füdo to the fact that many of the öpublic pharmacy as a lifeline feel.

Für almost as many pharmacy students is also a high school position in research and teaching (40%). Be criticized, however, for the low Verdienstmöopportunities, the persistence at the University, and that you have to exam either a flawless state, or to have good contacts with professors.

Selbststäresistance as a pharmacist: an Attractive, but uncertain

The Üacquisition or Neugrümaking your own öpublic pharmacy as a selbststäa constant pharmacist schäa protect the respondents as relatively attractive (39%). To be his own boss and good Verdienstmöopportunities the hauptsäthe human benefits.

High Investitionshüauthorities and entrepreneurial risk in times of uncertain
political and legislative framework conditions are unsettling, however.

Positive reactions to the study

The results provide a good data für the work as a representation of interests, says Max Willie Georgi, PräPresident of the BPhD: "We students pursue großem interest are the current developments and play an active role. Even if the local pharmacy is an integral part of für us, so in many places there is große uncertainty. One of the conclusions is quite clear that policy and legislative action mü. Long-term planning security and concepts, such as the local pharmacy can be used in a digital society, the pioneers, are dafür the basic requirement, as well as an improvement of the study conditions."

Jan Wagner, head of sales of the word & Image publishing, says: "The study shows that the pharmacy students grundsäin addition a positive effect in your future career. As Digital Natives they are natübitterly aware of the fact that this future of technological change gepräbe gt, and the professional image accordingly. This möcontempt for the word & Image publisher as langjälongstanding Partner of the pharmacies you unterstüsupport to Marketing and Digital Expertise, the Soft optimal füto your successful future."

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