Onions and garlic reduce the risk of breast cancer

Onions and garlic are the main ingredients of Sofrito, a traditional sauce of puerto Rican cuisine. This recipe could also be a means for the prevention of breast cancer, such as the results of a study by researchers from the universities of Buffalo and Puerto Rico show that women who ate the Sauce frequently, had less breast cancer.

"We have found that in the case of puerto Rican women, the consumption of onions and garlic, and Sofrito with a reduced risk of breast cancer associated ist", Dr. Gauri Desaivon of the University of Buffalo said. Women who ate more than once a day, Sofrito, had a 67 percent lower risk than women who consumed the sauce never.

Puerto Rico was the perfect place for study, because there is plenty of garlic and eat onions, much more than in Europe and the USA. This is largely due to the popularity of Sofrito. The researchers focused on onions and garlic because they are rich in Compounds both in humans and in animal experiments, cancer-inhibiting properties. In fact, the breast cancer rate in Puerto Rico was compared to the American mainland lower.

"In Puerto Rico there are very few studies on the topic of breast cancer. In this study, colleagues from the University of Buffalo and the University of Puerto Rico have worked together to investigate why the Rates are lower there than in the rest of the USA", Dr. Jo joy home said, from the Department of epidemiology and environmental health at the University of Buffalo. The Atabey-study on breast cancer, and cancer of the 314 women had participated in breast cancer and 346 control subjects, was named after the puerto Rican goddess of fertility.