Nasty Surprise for the genealogy researcher – if the dad is not the father

Genealogical research, genealogical find – this is a desire that many people have. Especially today, where the current residence is very rare is also the place where the family over the generations was established.

Earlier, pedigree research was an expensive and spleenige matter that can only be afforded by few people. But since then, all the Church books and birth registers and saved in databases to be scanned, was popularized in genealogical research – everyone can afford a tree.

And always there were Surprises. While a customer was able to find in the USA pleased that a Great-aunt fought in the garb of a freedom fighter in today’s Turkey in the manner of Karl May, the others needed to cope with a less beautiful revelations.

The first plane

In 1903, the brothers started the Wright, the first airplane that was able to rise from its own power into the air. From him, the aircraft developed, as we know it today. The dream of flying came true, the man broke the surface of the earth, and conquered the third Dimension.

But a few years ago has been added to the Computer analysis of paper data, a new source of information. The seekers send a sample of your genetic material. These Tests cost about 100 euros per Person. “AncestryDNA” was founded in 2012 and has tested more than 10 million people in 30 countries. The company “23andMe” refers to more than 5 million customers, “FamilyTreeDNA” to 2 million. All the Tests to find out the origin of more than 350 ethnic groups around the world. Not all customers are aware that you can burn your family peace.

They thought their ancestry India be

The “Guardian” reported on the story of Michèle and her husband. The young woman was interested in their lineage, also had the pedigree of her father, to the 17. Century is traced. But the cost of the DNA analysis were put off by the Couple. At least until you Michèle wanted to study. You made the impression that they put a little Indian blood from the side of her father in her. Maybe it was enough to get a scholarship as an indigenous American woman, she hoped. So the two ordered the Tests.

To do this, you had to spit in a vessel. Six weeks later, the results from AncestryDNA were delivered. Michele’s husband was satisfied, his lineage analysis coincided with the family stories. But with Michele it was different. Of Indians, there is no trace. “The first thing that showed up is a pie chart, and a whole half of it was red and said “Italy”. Michèle thought, of course, to a mix-up, the results were correct. The young woman was deeply distressed, because werder mother and father come from Italy.

Curiosity can be harmful

“Our business is driven by curiosity … we want to understand ourselves, and this Test gives us an insight into what we are, and connects us to the cultures of the world,” said Brad Argent, head of programming at Ancestry’s International to the Portal “News” from Australia. “This is something that can change lives. I have seen people, after they got our E-Mail, someone completely different.”

It is important to understand not so Argent, that the Test examines only your own DNA, but impact on the whole family, “I tell people, before you take the DNA Test, should you tell your family what you’re up to, and have a conversation. We all have a past and think that we have left far behind us, but if someone in the family to take a DNA Test, it can all show up again.”

Related track

The larger the database, the more comprehensive the results are. Because the DNA findings of all customers can be matched with each other. In addition to lineage analysis, there may be Overlaps. This is possible because the business has no privacy. When you have to send his sample, gives the permission, the DNA scientifically evaluate. For German data protectors would be a nightmare. While Facebook only knows the interests and friends of his customers, knows AncestryDNA their complete genetic Information.

For Michèle it took no hits: she was Half-Italian – so of the man she had called time of your life father could not be, her dad. The mother wanted to know of a Italian lover nothing but the database of AncestryDNA brought Michèle on the right track. A man of Italian origin was listed as a distant Relative.

Lived in the place where her mother grew up. Then an aunt to the boys, with michèle’s mother to prom was remembered. Italians, of the same surname as the man from the database. Hit. The paternity test of the man, Michèle thought that he was her father, confirmed the results, they were related. “For us, this was both devastating,” says Michèle the newspaper.

Genetic testing

What is research using DNA ancestor Test can really

A video clip about a Genealogical DNA Test goes viral. The answer to the question “Who am I?” is increasingly becoming a lucrative business. But how accurate are the cost-intensive Gene-analysis?

Happy Discoveries

Not all discoveries are so sad and dramatic. On the websites of the companies satisfied customers are saying about happy additions. In the case of 23andMe, you can also book a health analysis, a 31-Year-old is convinced that the risk analysis has saved her life. Judy Poole grew up as an adopted child. With the help of AncestryDNA, she discovered a cousin, Kathy Piercy. So she found out that she came from an affair. Her father is Kathy’s uncle. And so she came to a half-brother: “He was overjoyed to have a big sister.”

The Pandora’s box

A Dilemma remains: The majority of the customers out to order the Tests on a whim. Contrary to the thoughtful words of Brad Argent AncestryDNA advertises a Viking and the Slogan “This sword is your story”. However, the results are often not so fun, and can bring the lives of the customers a massive mess. The have – whether deliberately or spontaneously – to the Test. With the results you’re pulling out then, and a break in the lives of others, in the life of the newly-discovered Relatives. And the not have decided to open the chest with the grim family secrets.

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