My semen is white but yesterday I was punched in the testicles two times and today I ejaculated and had little tiny streaks that looked like blood in my semen. Is this normal?

It isn’t normal to have blood in your semen however an injury to the testicles might cause blood in your semen, urine (pee) or both for a short amount of time. Your testicles are made up of different tissues and tubes so depending on the type of injury you had and what areas of your testicles were injured, your symptoms may reveal what part of your testicles got harmed.

It’s possible that you may have injured the epididymis which is a collection of small tubes at the back of the testicles where sperm is stored. However, the only way to know for sure is to get checked by a health care provider (HCP). Your health care provider will likely want to know:  When the injury happened, How it happened, What your symptoms were at the time of the injury and if you’ve had any other injuries or problems with your testicles in the past. He/she may decide to do a painless test called an ultrasound or MRI to look at the inside of the testicles to check for any damage.

Testicles usually can take minor trauma without serious side effects or problems in the future but some injuries can be much more serious causing:  fever, trouble peeing, bruising and swelling, blood in the urine and significant pain. Seeing your health care provider right away and getting treated can lower your risk of complications.

Treatment after an injury to your testicles (balls):

  • Apply ice to your testicles
  • Rest
  • Limit your physical activity until you feel better
  • Take over-the-counter pain medicine if needed
  • Call your health care provider if your symptoms don’t get better

Get medical help right away if your injury is severe and you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Trouble peeing
  • Bruising/swelling of your testicles
  • Pain in your abdomen (lower belly)
  • Pain in or around your testicles that doesn’t get better with pain medicine

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