Migraine patients: a diagnosis often takes a long time

Pain sufferers people with migraine need to be patient until the proper diagnosis and treatment is found. Often you have to go to several Doctors, waiting for tests that are not necessary. Including only your quality of life suffers, but it also costs time and causes unnecessary costs.

For migraine, there is a guideline in the Standards are called, after which the disease is diagnosed and treated. But, in reality, all Doctors do not comply. Private lecturer Dr. med. Stefanie conveyor Reuther, President of the German migraine and headache society, points to a study that had been performed at the University hospital in Hamburg-Eppendorf. It shows that about a third of the patients who sought the headache outpatient clinic in Hamburg, no guidelines had been given equitable treatment: "These results show the great need to improve migraine care."

CT and MRI are Migräne is not necessary

So it often takes too long until the diagnosis is made. In the meantime, patients have been going to several Doctors to 89.5 per cent with a family doctor and in 74.9 percent of cases, a neurologist. Also, orthopaedic surgeons are often consulted, although the neck pain, which can occur in migraine, have nothing to do with the cervical spine. In patients with typical migraine symptoms, computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are not required for diagnosis, but are still carried out in more than half of the cases (54.2 percent and 51.4 percent). "Imaging studies to reassure patient and physician alike. Patients often require a CT or MRI, because you can imagine so severe headaches occur without pathological findings on brain können", funding Reuther explained.

Drugs for prevention are rarely prescribed

Some patients swallow a lot of drugs to cope. What most don’t know: As a Overuse contributes to the headaches intensify and become chronic. Therefore, it is important to identify the overuse and treat them. Conversely, many patients, despite the appropriate conditions there are no suitable drugs for the prevention of migraine attacks, although this therapy helps many good and generally well tolerated.


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