Meet The Netballer Always On The Go – Laura Langman

Team: Sunshine Coast Lightning

Comp: Suncorp Super Netball, inaugural season Feb 18 to late Jun 2017

Position: C (Centre)

Originally from: New Zealand

How did you start playing netball?

At age six, in New Zealand, for the Te Pahu Pooches. I went to a small primary school so netball, soccer and rugby were the only sports available. If you played in the netball team you automatically made the first 11 soccer team and the first 15 rugby side [laughs].

What do you love most about netball?

I love the physicality, the speed, the conditioning demands and the team strategy side. In terms of fitness, it demands the use of so many energy systems: speed, agility, core strength, aerobic fitness, repeated high-intensity efforts. After a week of training and playing netball you deserve a day off!

When did you start playing semi-professionally?

In 2008, when the Trans-Tasman ANZ Netball Championships was introduced.

Do you work in another job as well as playing netball?

Over my time as an elite athlete I’ve studies towards being a chartered accountant and I’ve worked part time when time permits. Juggling work, training and competing is tricky. Some weeks are great, others are a pickle, but my aim is always to get the most out of whatever I’m doing. 

Do you look forward to the day when professional sportswomen won’t need to work to subsidise their incomes?

Yes and no! I love the balance of interests that semi-professional athletes can maintain.

What would you say to a woman toying with the idea of trying netball for the first time?

Do it! Sport’s a great way meet people and learn something about yourself you never knew before. 

What do you like doing in your downtime?

Activities, activities, activities! Pilates, snowboarding, movie days, coffee and cafe adventures, beach days, hikes, triathlons, working on the farm.

What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you?

My first paid job was as a relief milker!

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