Medications do not replace healthy lifestyle

Many patients seek less to a healthy life-style, if you get prescribed medicines for high blood pressure or a cholesterol-lowering drug. In spite of taking such medications, however, it is important to continue to move sufficiently and to ensure a healthy diet.

According to a study from Finland, persons, after you were prescribed blood pressure or cholesterol medication, more weight, and were less than people, these drugs are not revenues were eight percent more likely to be physically inactive, and the BMI increased with a probability of 82 percent. After all, the people had stopped following the prescription of the drugs, compared to 26 per cent more likely to smoke and their alcohol consumption is reduced. The researchers write in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

The weight gain could not be explained by the fact that the patients had stopped Smoking. Because participants in the study, the drugs had revenue and quit Smoking, increased more than participants who had quit Smoking no drugs, and Smoking.

A heart healthy life style is in any case &ndash recommended; regardless of whether blood pressure or cholesterol medications are prescribed or not. "Medicines should not be used as a free ticket for the sequel or the beginning of an unhealthy life style. People start taking drugs, should be encouraged to maintain your weight or to begin to be physically active, to keep the alcohol consumption in the eye and with the Smoking aufzuhören", Dr. Maarit J. Korhonen, said, a researcher at the University of Turku in Finland.