Lip balm make your own? With these ingredients you can make your own products

Natural cosmetics is becoming increasingly important: In contrast to conventional cosmetics, organic care products do not contain chemical and artificial ingredients, of which some are suspected to be harmful to our health. Add to that they are usually produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly and has a high price. For this reason, you can take the lip balm and their lip balm make your own. This saves money and you know exactly what (natural) ingredients were used. In the Following you will find three different recipe ideas that you can imitate at home.

Three easy recipes: lip balm make your own

1. Recipe

You will need the following three ingredients:

10 g coconut oil

10 g of Shea butter

10 g of bees wax

In addition, you will need a few small jars (about six pieces) or empty lipstick tubes, in which the lip balm, then fill and store can. And if you like, you can of the finished mass two to three drops of essential Oil (e.g. from cocoa) in the narrow – for an individual scent.

Now it comes to the preparation:

2. Recipe

You will need the following four ingredients:

5 g of honey

5 g of cocoa butter

5 g of bees wax

10 ml of jojoba oil

Here, too, you will need an estimated five jars with five milliliters, if you have this lip balm do-it-yourself. Also features this recipe, the fragrance, using essential Oils to round off. Which fragrance is best is up to your personal taste. In this case, for example, vanilla would fit quite well.

Now it comes to the preparation:

In order to bring you first, the beeswax, and then the cocoa butter in the same pot over a water bath to melt and stir the contents.

As soon as a homogeneous arose mass, remove the container from the water bath and stir in the jojoba oil evenly among the crowd.

Only at the end, the honey is stirred in, before you the finished lip balm into the tins and refill them in the refrigerator to cool.

3. Recipe

You will need the following four ingredients:

2 TSP of Vaseline

1 TSP honey

2 TSP almond oil

1 teaspoon lipstick

The lipstick is primarily used to give the lip balm a beautiful color. The quantity is sufficient for an estimated two cans if you want more, you need to adjust the quantities of the ingredients just to the top.

Now it comes to the preparation:

Take, again, a small, heat-resistant container such as, for example, a glass or a Cup and fill with all ingredients.

Here, too, the ingredients must be melted again over a water bath and as long as mixed until a uniform mass is obtained.

Last, but not least, the final mass on the doses split up and stored in a cool place until the lip balm is cured.

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