Just not on the Sofa! What helps with blockages in the back

“I have a blockage” – Almost everyone has heard this phrase before, and perhaps even the unpleasant experience. But the Good thing is: The body governs the most of themselves. A prerequisite must be met.

Blockages – what is it?

If someone of the “Blockade”, joints is actually a limitation of motion of individual vertebral bodies, says orthopedic surgeon Christian Siebert from the Athleticum at the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). These tiny joints keep the spine in motion. You can tilt, or rotate, or both. This is not correct, the body sends pain signals. The surrounding muscles, ligaments and Tendons get, in a sense, the command: “do not Hold on to the good, there was something wrong.” The result is hardened structures around the joint, and more pain – “a vicious circle”, says Siebert.

Blockages: so What to do?

Break the vicious circle. Heat relaxes, the movement loosens up. In addition, it may be helpful to delete with a pain tablet for the pain memory, and to relax the muscles, says Siebert. “In order for the body to white: Actually, everything is okay.” What should not do patients onto the Sofa and hope that it goes over. Better Lying, Sitting, Standing and walking alternate. In the normal case, the pain will disappear under these conditions after about a week.

If the pain does not subside after a few days even, or are getting stronger and stronger -that is worth a visit to the doctor. Otherwise the action on rocks again and again, the pain is stronger, the “Blockade” is worse. Pain relievers, heat, Tapes, or manual therapy can then remedy the situation.

Immediately to the hospital, the patient should to Siebert, if you have paralysis, paraesthesia or problems, stool or urine. Because then, the risk that nerves will be permanently damaged.