Huge study shows why Swimming makes you happy – other sports – Video

Sport is healthy and has a positive effect on our body and state of mind. How much Sport is needed, and what sports make the species particularly happy, found out a Chinese team of researchers.

Sport has a positive effect on our state of mind. However, certain sports make particularly happy. The Chinese researchers at the University of Shenzhen were found. Under the direction of John Chan, the Team analyzed the results of 38 previous studies. This had set the mental Are directly before and after the sports Training apart.

Is: strength training makes you happy

The result of the present analysis: short, but intense exposure, such as strength training, lifts the mood. In these sports the muscles without oxygen, so anaerobic. The result is that you have to Dodge on other metabolic pathways, Lactate, i.e. lactic acid salts, form. Lactate for Acidosis and muscle soreness. But they are also a supplier of energy for the brain is known.

For endurance sports, such as Jogging or Swimming, there is no clear result. In some studies, the mood of the volunteers did not rise, in other.

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Short times are sufficient

Furthermore, anaerobic activities do not take lots of time and deliver fast results. The success occurs faster and the mood rises. According to the researchers, 15 to 30 minutes in two to three days in the week.

Also team sports to brighten the mood, as a study of American and British researchers 2018 found out. Because they combine the social aspect to me of physical activity. So football, Volleyball or Basketball can prevent depression or alleviate it.