How Audrey Hepburn Stayed Slim Without Ever Dieting

Having a Hollywood-approved figure is easier than you have been made to believe. The beautiful Audrey Hepburn, star of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, remains an iconic model and on-screen actress even 25 years after her demise. Folks still find joy in dressing up as her for Halloween year in and year out. In her debut that led her to the spotlight, she played a vital part of the little black dress, and with her 5’7″ stature and 110-pound weight then, she was thought to be suffering from an eating disorder of some sort. But in reality, she was not in any way suffering, as she led a very healthy lifestyle.

To ease the strain of the wild speculations, she revealed her family secret to maintaining her lifelong slim figure, in an interview with People. And surprisingly, there’s not much to it.

According to Audrey Hepburn’s son, Luca Dotti, she never dieted; in fact, she “loved pasta,” while noting that she ate in a way that could best be described as “eating a little bit of everything.” But what was striking about her eating pattern was the fact that she ate more grains than anything else, which her heartthrob for the significant last years of her life, Robert Wolders, adhered to as his normal eating pattern.

Consider these few healthy habits she groomed herself with:

It was not all cupcakes and rainbows for Hepburn, however, as her weight and life, in general, weren’t always healthy. At some point, she had a long-lasting bout of starvation due to jaundice and the trauma that surrounded her early life in the Netherlands during the time of its suppression and occupation. She mainly survived on plants until the liberation of the Netherlands, where she steadfastly worked her way up and maintained her iconic healthy lifestyle. This is what eventually allowed her to become a cultural icon.

All in all, Audrey Hepburn could best be described as a star with scars immortalized in the hearts of her fans. She indeed proved you could live your dreams with simple steps, regardless of the complications life throws at you.

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