Honey water: So healthy it is

Honey in this country is very popular, whether as a bread spread or natural sweetener. Because of its anti-biotic and anti-bacterial properties, honey is also used as a remedy. Many people swear by, therefore, of the honey-water. But how healthy the home remedies really work? FOCUS Online explains it.

Honey as a remedy is not an invention of modern times. The ancient Egyptians already appreciated in the pre-Christian time, the positive effect of the sticky delicacy. Use found honey at the time, among other things, in the treatment of wounds or as a laxative. And also, the ancient Greeks relied on the sweet syrup. Specifically honey water was used to increase the performance at the Olympic Games. The mixture strengthened the athletes, gave more stamina and gave them new force.

Why is honey water so healthy?

Honey is in the case of illness, a real Energizer. This is due to its strong efficacy against ill doers. Because honey contains hydrogen peroxide, which fights against different pathogens and bacteria. However, can form the substance only, if the honey with water.

Therefore, the tip: Give a couple of teaspoons of honey in a glass of lukewarm water. If you drink this Mix every day, you make it agents difficult to infect your body.

Attention: do not Use too hot water! The classic hot Cup of tea with honey is much less effective than many suppose. Because, from a temperature of about forty degrees of honey loses its healing substances.

How should I take honey water is best?

Honey water to drink on an empty stomach, every Morning, directly after getting Up. A regular intake is important. You can drink the mixture several weeks.

As a supplier of energy, water, Honey is a good choice and a real Alternative to the daily morning coffee. Because of the high glucose content in honey has a similar effect as the caffeine in the coffee.