Heart disease are at risk due to increased cholesterol: Why Younger especially

Increased cholesterol accelerates value to the development of atherosclerosis, which in turn can lead to narrowing of the coronary vessels, heart attack and stroke. Dangerous is the so-called Non-HDL-cholesterol, all forms of Cholesterol is apart from HDL-cholesterol that transports in turn cholesterol from tissues and cell walls to the liver, and thus a protective effect.

For the first time, long period of time

A Team led by Fabian Brunner, University hospital Hamburg Eppendorf (UKE) has now made for the first time risk calculations for a period of 30 years. So far, risk calculators have been used, which relate to a Ten-year period.

So far, increased cholesterol in Younger was regarded as a little questionable

In the case of younger people without pre-loading values even at high cholesterol low risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. It is different now to 30 years, such as the Hamburg-based researchers in the journal "The Lancet" explain.

The higher the cholesterol level, the higher the risk for heart disease

The study found that both men and women, the probability within the following 30 years, a cardiovascular disease, participants with the highest cholesterol was greatest: values three to four times as high as in the group with the lowest cholesterol values, such as “Spiegel Online” reported. So you, in Essence, confirmed Known.

People under the age of 45 years are particularly at risk of

So far, it was unexplored, however, is that in the long term, the cholesterol value in the case of people under 45 years of age, the disease impact on the risk the strongest.

Good one-eighth of the study participants fell ill

The researchers used in their studies a data collection for the Multinational Cardiovascular Risk Consortium, which includes 398.846 people.These were observed over a period of up to 43.6 years. In 54.542 people with coronary heart disease or a stroke were identified, with an average of approximately 13 years.

The disease the researchers adjusted the figures for Non-HDL-cholesterol values, and calculated for the various age groups, the risk of suffering in the course of life to heart disease.

Already a slightly increased cholesterol is shown in the following

Already a slightly increased Non-HDL-cholesterol is associated in women with a 10 per cent increased long-term risk, such as the "doctors sheet.de" explained.

Examples for the age groups under 45 years of age:

  • Women with low Non-HDL-cholesterol values (below 2.6 mmol/Liter) and with no or only one other risk factor (such as Diabetes, Obesity, or Smoking) have a 5.7% risk up to 75. Birthday of developing a cardiovascular disease.
  • In women with high Non-HDL cholesterol (at least 5.7 mmol/l) and at least two other risk factors, the risk of 24.1 percent, almost four times as high.

In men it’s similar, only that you have under the same conditions from the beginning a higher risk, up to 75. Birthday of developing a cardiovascular disease:

  • Under 45 years, low Non-HDL-cholesterol levels and no or only one risk factor: risk is 11.8 percent.
  • In the second case, the value is 43 percent, almost four times as high.

Accumulating Effect

Younger people are already at risk for slightly elevated cholesterol values, the result of the authors over the years, accumulating effect.

Early cholesterol-lowering drug give?

You suggest to give younger people cholesterol-lowering drug, in order to reduce subsequent myocardial infarction and stroke risk. For example, a 40-year-old man with elevated could Be reduced by lowering cholesterol, his life time risk of having a heart attack or stroke from 19 to 4 percent, there are no other risk factors.

Long-term studies to side effects are missing

However, there are no clinical studies with patients who have taken decades of cholesterol-lowering drugs, called statins,.

Zurich-based Professor sees a cholesterol-lowering drug critical

Although statins are generally well tolerated are also at a shorter intake side effects are possible. These include muscle pain, liver damage and Diabetes include. Already today, the common Prescription is seen by some researchers to be critical. So Milo Puhan, Professor of epidemiology at the University of Zurich, warns that the Benefits of statins are often overestimated and the risks underestimated.

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Further studies are required

To revise if the same Paul Leeson, Professor of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Oxford, considers it too early, on the Basis of the data and therapy recommendations, he considers the study to be important: "But what has been shown for the first Time, that high cholesterol levels in people under the age of 45 the risk for problems in the further course of life disproportionately steigern", he said the "Science Media Centre".

Now, further studies have to clarify how the cholesterol values in younger people reduce. Whether the decades-long intake of drugs makes sense, should be reviewed with a view to possible side effects.

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