Having Sex In This Location Could Improve Your Relationship

Getting hot and heavy around the house could be the key to boosting relationship satisfaction, according to research.

A study of 1,000 people conducted by House Method found that couples who have sex outside of the bedroom are 10.5 percent more satisfied with their relationship compared to those who keep love making to the mattress.

Those who shagged away from the sheets were also 33 percent more satisfied with their sex lives, probably because they’re getting it on an extra 5.1 times per month, compared to those who contained it to the bedroom.

When it comes to choosing an alternative location, the living room was most popular followed by the bathroom. 

Unsurprisingly, attics, wardrobes and gardens were the least popular places to fornicate.

Sex and relationship expert Emily Morse previously told Women’s Health that expanding your sexual experiences by having sex outside the bedroom can bring you closer to your partner, teach you about what turns you on, and help you feel sexually empowered.

Probably give your housemates a heads up first, though. 

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