Exploding E-cigarette explodes 17-Year-old teeth out and a hole in the chin

A broken jaw, several missing teeth and a hole in the chin with these severe injuries to the face, a 17-year-old American in March 2018 in the emergency room of a hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. The reason is that An E-cigarette exploded in his mouth.

The journal “The New England Journal of Medicine” reported on Wednesday about the case, and published, among other things, frightening images, which document the Severity of the injury. The “Washington Post” to handle the story as well, and said, among other things, with the Doctors who treated the Teenager. This said, the sheet that you see such severe violations of a rule, the Victims of serious traffic accidents or gunshot wounds. “We had no idea that E-cigarettes can cause such severe injuries”, said a surgeon, who treated the Unfortunate,.

The parents heard first a loud noise

The E-cigarette had to get the young people of his mother as a gift. He had asked, because he wanted to break the habit of with the help of the electric glimmstengels Smoking. You fulfilled his request, remained, according to the report, however, skeptical. You would have heard in the earlier already assumed that the smoke can explode devices, it says. Your son would have you appeased. Therefore, he said he had researched and was sure it was safe.

On the day of the accident, the parents of the teenager heard a loud noise, you couldn’t classify, the woman. Then her other son would be overthrown in a panic into the room, and would have shouted: “It is flying in the air!” A Moment later, the accident appeared to be, therefore, a victim – he could have the mouth and only Stöhnlaute of be held.

Two operations were necessary

First, they drove to the hospital in their hometown, a small town in Nevada. There, the Doctors were unable to treat the injury. They took care and sent the family to the more than 300 kilometres away, Salt Lake City, where they arrived after hours with the car.

Two surgeries were needed to repair the damage in the face of the boy. “A two-centimeter piece of his jaw had been blown to pieces”, said a Doctor.

Now it is your son good, the mother. You are aware that you can lose him would have. In fact, in the past similar cases with a fatal outcome were known. In the meantime, the Teenager had the Smoking – electronic as well as classic – placed and would be careful to warn others of the dangers of.

In the “BMJ” published a Report according to at least 2035 cases occurred in U.S. hospitals between 2015 and 2017, which, exploding batteries, or fire following E-cigarette people injured.

Sources: “The New England Journal of Medicine”, “Washington Post”, “BMJ”