Doubts about official Figures, China Has get the Coronavirus is really in control?

As Xi Jinping, on may 10. March visited the city of Wuhan, and with breathing protection mask via a video call to a patient courage to be awarded, this was also a Signal: The war against the Virus is as good as won, the victory is near. Infections fit poorly into the picture when the party has proclaimed to the people that the Virus had been defeated. And since it is close, to make the Numbers fit.

A doctor from Wuhan reported, however, the Japanese news Agency Kyodo, that the Numbers for the visit of the President Xi Jinping in Wuhan on 10. March were massively embellished. Literally, he said, had left “a mass of infected patients out of the hospital”. He is not the only one who expressed doubt at the Figures of the government, which currently look dazzling.

Coronavirus: return of China to normal?

China returns to normality. This is the message that sends to Beijing currently, to the outside, to images of people with breathing masks that the spring sun to enjoy. If you believe the government Figures, China seems to have the Virus actually get a grip. The number of new infections had dropped in recent days below 50. Most of the contagions happening now in the country, but are worn out of Arriving into the country, which is why China has the entry requirements make it much worse. In the past three days, about 12,000 Doctors and nurses have left the province of Hubei. There it was coming since Sunday to no new infections.

Measures and the Teachings

Hong Kong, Singapore & Co masters Corona much better than we – what can we learn from them?

From the 8. April will be traveling from and to Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic, again possible. But why should we trust it now to the Figures of the government? According to the Chinese magazine Caixin, there is some doubt. Especially should occur in the Hubei province, so-called “asymptomatic infections”. Such cases are referred to, which were tested positive for the Virus, but no symptoms. These are not included in the official statistics.

Moreover, it is doubtful how many of the Infected in the other Inland provinces of China to stop. Before the Wuhan on 25. January has been sealed off from the outside world, had left five million migrant workers already in the city. Demonstrably, the Virus was there already for at least three weeks. In addition, it is estimated that about 100 million migrant workers are not yet returned to their places of work on the East coast. It is probable that their travels will lead to a renewed wave of Infection.

Government to seal off the capital Beijing

That might be the reason why the Chinese government closes, especially the capital city of Beijing. During the travel to Shanghai and other Chinese cities is complicated, but possible, are currently being diverted all the flights to Beijing and other cities in the Region. The entry of a Corona to be the first Test subject and have to go then in a quarantine Hotel, where you stand the next 14 days under observation. In Shanghai, a quarantine at home is possible.


Dramatic entry regulations: China is the biggest concern of the returnees are

Meanwhile, Beijing is trying to take advantage of the panic in Europe and the Rest of the world, to spread a new Narrative: it is Only through the rapid and radical crackdown in China has succeeded, the COVID19-Virus curb – so about the message. On Wednesday sent President Xi Jinping same to a series of expressions of sympathy and solidarity to the mostly European heads of state. The same time Beijing is trying to sow doubts as to the origin of the Virus. Even official Agencies, conspiracy theories spread that the Virus was not originated in China, but, for example, of U.S. soldiers had been brought to a military exercise last autumn to Wuhan.

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