Denmark decides on prohibition of nitrous oxide to minors

The Danish government has, together with several parties in the Parliament decided to prohibit the sale of nitrous oxide or nitrous oxide cartridges to minors. The Danish Ministry of labour informed. Cartridges filled with nitrous oxide, which are used for whipped cream bottles, were collected in Denmark in the past, more frequently by young people as an intoxicant miss. Nitrous oxide is legally available. It falls to a judgement of the European court of justice, no longer subject to the strict drug law – but will needs as a “party drug” because of the intoxicating effect failure.

“Nitrous oxide is dangerous for young people”

The Minister of labour Simon Kollerup of the social Democrats presented a draft that has the support of several parties – right and left–. Kollerup, said: “nitrous oxide is dangerous for young people and their health. The lack of oxygen. Nerve damage. At the end you can die from it. The great abuse of nitrous oxide as a substance is uncertain, therefore, many parents and can cause our youth in Denmark irreparable harm.”

The agreement provides that nitrous oxide cartridges may in the future be sold only to persons over 18 years of age. Moreover, only a maximum of two cartridges per customer to be purchased. This may only contain eight grams of gas. Large cartridges should be banned for private persons. Online retailers should be obliged to check the age of buyers.

In addition, outlets should be reduced and tighter controls to be carried out, for example, with searches on the net and anonymous test purchases. It should generally be prohibited to nitrous oxide at the same places sell, such as tobacco or alcohol. Fines should be increased to a maximum of 75,000 Danish kroner – approximately Euro 10,000.

Denmark: Twelve percent of pupils had nitrous oxide tried

In June of last year, a 23-year-old man in Denmark, died at a Party. Later it turned out that the young man nitrous oxide is also called dinitrogen monoxide – inhaled had, and this had caused his death, reported the newspaper “B. T.”

According to an investigation by the Board of health in Denmark in the year 2019, approximately twelve percent of the students surveyed had tried to inhale nitrous oxide from a cartridge, the Danish TV station DR.

Nitrous oxide or cartridges to be used in spray Cream or anesthesia of patients – however, with the addition of oxygen. However, the misuse of the gas can lead to nerve damage, acute lack of oxygen and death, as the DR says. The Gas is also inhaled via balloons inserted.


Dangerous Kick from the whipped cream bottle

Nitrous oxide can cause severe nerve damage

The nitrous displaces the oxygen content in the blood, which leads to a lack of oxygen in the body, and the body destroys its own absorption of Vitamin B12, which contributes to the maintenance of the nervous system. A abuse can affect the feeling of the hands and feet, balance and motor skills to destroy and the muscles weaken, so the transmitter.

The noise due to nitrous oxide is only of short duration, about one to two minutes. But you experience euphoric and hallucinating States and feelings of happiness, as a result, the molecules of the gas of brain cells meet. Also laughing seizures, pain relief, and increased awareness, the result can be. Thus, before it come, that people would take the nitrous oxide several times, so DR. A massive abuse could cause permanent damage.


More feelings, endurance and risk to life: What is Sex power drugs so dangerous

In Germany, nitrous oxide is not a big issue

Not only Denmark has a Problem with the “party drug” nitrous oxide. Also in the Netherlands, the cartridges with the Gas are a Problem, the number of cases increased significantly, reported the news Agency DPA in August of last year.

In the German drug and addiction report plays nitrous oxide no role. In the party scene there but in a selective way, so the office of the drug by the Federal government in August, at the request of the DPA. Reliable Figures are not yet available. A study of drug researchers at the University of Frankfurt made 2018, the number of young people nitrous oxide have doubled for consumers in three years. Thus, twelve percent of adolescents had ever tried nitrous oxide.

Sources: Ministry of labour of Denmark, Agency for safety of Denmark, DR, “B. T.”, “Alt om Stoffer”, news Agency DPA

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