Corona and Pets: What you should know owners of dogs, cats and co. now

Can I infect my pet? What happens to my pet if I am in quarantine? And can I give you my animal temporarily in the shelter? These and other questions are currently being explored by millions of pet owners. Answers of the German animal welfare has published the protection of Federal on its website. Here are the most important questions in the Overview:

There are corona viruses in dogs and cats?

So-called Alpha-corona viruses there are in dogs and cats for years. In dogs you can make as mild diarrhea disease noticeable in the case of cats, they are a possible trigger of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). With the current Virus SARS-CoV-2, to one of the Beta corona virus, you will have to do however nothing.

Can sicken dogs and cats to the Virus, or transmit it?

So far, it is assumed that these animals play in the dissemination of no importance. However, should wash owners to regularly check the hands and General hygiene measures to take. Breathing masks or disinfectant is not necessary. On the contrary, they mean to animals tend to be more Stress and can be harmful to skin and mucous membranes.


In times of Corona: What we observe when dealing with older people should

In China the end of February has been tested to be a dog in quarantine to be low positive for the Virus. What does this mean?

The dog came from a household of an infected Person. In the case of the animal, the Virus was detected in very low concentration by sampling on the nose and the mouth. An infection to pass on, would have to have the Virus in the dog continue to multiply, and in sufficient concentration are present. This could not be detected in the dog, and the animal showed no symptoms of the disease.

If I’m ill with the Coronavirus, should I avoid the contact to my pet in a domestic quarantine?

Yes, even if there is, as yet, no concrete evidence to suggest that Pets can fall ill. Means: No Cuddling, no sharing food, and the nose and mouth avoid contact. Before and after each animal contact, you should wash your hands thoroughly.

If my pet had contact with an infected Person, am I at risk?

So far, it is assumed that animals play in the dissemination of no importance. As the scientific studies are not yet finished, should keep the current Situation in view and the General hygiene requirements to be observed.

What will happen to my dog or cat, if I’m in quarantine?

People with direct access to the garden can leave your dog or cat out without leaving even the house. Flat cats can be supplied as usual. Otherwise, ask friends, family members, or not Known in quarantine, to go with the dog in front of the door. In the best case, this Person does not enter your apartment and use a different leash and another collar, as themselves.

Questions and answers

Can you get infected over money and other items with the Coronavirus?

Can I give my pet to a shelter?

A temporary levy during the quarantine of 14 days in a shelter or a pet hotel should only be made if there is no other way, or even in a hospital you must. Place and personal change could mean for a pet a lot of Stress.

What happens if there is a curfew for the entire city/community is arranged?

Dog owners in Italy, where a curfew has been imposed, may, despite the arrangement with your animals, walk alone. The competent health Department will notify in such a case, about how to behave.

Also, the shelters must take in these times, certain precautions and care for the animals and to protect their staff from infection. Some animal shelters have closed, such as, for example, in the Allgäu region, to the safety. Others, such as the Hamburg shelter Süderstraße, continue to have open, however, group tours and info sessions cancelled.

This also includes the German animal protection Association advises that animal shelters recommends that, if necessary, also in collaboration with other animal shelters, and care for the animals of Coronavirus patients.

In order to protect the employees from the Virus, should employees of the animal to avoid homes contact to quarantine suspended persons and to comply with, if possible, colleagues and customers to a minimum. Even if the Robert Koch Institute currently recommends no specific quarantine measures for animals, should the animals in the home, according to the animal protection Association on how to Fund the animals treated and in the quarantine station, or individually housed.

Source: Deutscher Tierschutzbund; Hamburger Tierschutzverein, Radio Allgäuhit

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