Conchita Wurst is HIV-positive: Why today is not a death sentence anymore

On Instagram, the singer Conchita Wurst said: you has been infected with HIV. A shock for her Fans – especially because many infection with Aids and certain death. But this is no longer thanks to modern medicine today.

Conchita Wurst wrote yesterday on her Instagram page: "Today is the day come to free me for the Rest of my life to a sword of Damocles: I’m HIV-positive." In order to calm their Fans, adds the winner of the Eurovision Song contest: "Health me well, and I’m stronger, more motivated and more liberated than ever."

In fact, an infection with the dangerous Virus is not a death sentence anymore. A cure is not possible, HIV-positive people can now lead a normal, long life – provided that the infection is detected and treated early.

Every day, one tablet to contain the Virus

The therapy is very simple: HIV-Infected take every day a tablet in the more active ingredients are stuck. You can not remove the Virus from the body, but prevent it from multiplying. People need to take the drug probably for life, in order to prevent a life-threatening disease.

The tablets also ensure that the Virus is not transmitted to the sexual partner even with unprotected intercourse. Of the least know. A survey by the Federal centre for health education showed the end of 2017: Only ten percent of the population is aware of the protective effect of the tablets. Many Respondents also had the irrational fear of in everyday life for HIV-positive people to infect, for example through shared utensils, toilets, or a hug. This is simply wrong.

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As a Partner of protect HIV-positive people

Sex, despite HIV-infection is possible and harmless for the healthy Partner, as long as he protects himself with one of the following measures:

  • He’s wearing a condom.
  • He takes pre-exposure prophylaxis, a short-PrEP,. The tablets are intended to protect against HIV as well as condoms.
  • His HIV-positive Partner takes daily tablets to keep the Virus in check and the Partner to protect.

The number of new infections is rising

Worldwide, more than 36 million people living with HIV. In Germany there are approximately 88.400 people (as of 2016, Numbers for 2017, published by the RKI until the end of 2018). Nearly 3,000 people infected in this country each year with the Virus, although it has long been recognised that it can be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse.

2016 460 people died from their HIV infection, although there are good therapy options. The Problem: Many of those Affected do not even know they carry the dangerous Virus, or learn too late. Who is feared to have been infected with HIV should, therefore, immediately test.

Who came with the blood, semen, vaginal liquid or the liquid film of the mucous membrane in the rectum, they can have a HIV-positive people with the Virus. In this case, an HIV Test brings clarity. Information about the various Tests you can find on