67-Year-old brings Baby to the world – it’s supposed to be in a natural way conceived

In China, a 67 has brought-Year-old, allegedly of course, witnessed child to the world. The girl had come on Friday by caesarean and healthy, informed with the hospital in the Eastern Chinese city of Zaozhuang, on Monday, the AFP news Agency. The 67-year-old Tian and her husband Huang are according to own data the oldest parents of a naturally conceived newborns in China.

“The child was given to us both from the sky,” said the 68-year-old Huang, the news Website guancha.cn. As the state-run newspaper Global Times reported, was selected by the Couple according to the name for the girl: tin Chi means “gift of heaven”.

Son of the couple over 40

According to the newspaper “Jinan Times” Tian already had two children. Her 1977-born son came to the world, before China introduced the One-child policy.

In the Twitter-like short message service Weibo, the birth of the little tin Chi provoked criticism. Users accused the parents selfishness. “In your advanced age, you are not able to take care of a child, and the pressure loads on the older siblings,” wrote one user. Other users questioned whether the Couple because of his violation of the since 2016, the current Two-child policy would be punished.


Between 2006 and 2016, the average age at which women in China give birth to children increased, the consulting firm Economist Intelligence Unit, according to from 24.3 to 26.9 years.

By the introduction of the Two-child policy, the birth rate in the people’s Republic has not increased as much as expected. However, more older women choose for a second child. So 51 percent of the 2017 world come babies were according to the study, second-born, in the year before to 40 percent.

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