With fungi spoiled: manufacturer recalls Apple juice

This Warendorfer sweet must, wine cellar, & Precious distillery GmbH informed clearly about the recall of the article “this dorfer Apple juice” in the 1.0 Liter bottle, with the date of minimum durability 07/2021 and the batch number L190724-1.

As the company explained, is corrupted, the affected filling, probably with fungi. It cannot be excluded that the consumption of this product is a possible health hazard. Of consumption is therefore not recommended. The consumer portal &quot reported;Product warning.eu".

This Warendorfer Sweet Must, Wine Cellar, & Noble Distillery GmbH
Article: this dorfer Apple juice clear
Packaging: 1,0 Liter Bottle
Date of minimum durability: 07/2021
Batch Number: L190724-1

Consumers can return the product to where the product was purchased.

The purchase price will be accordingly reimbursed. The customer service answered customers questions under the number 03902 317 or under [email protected].

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