‘What Planet Can I Blame for This?’ Your Guide to Astrology & the Vibes for January 2023

Happy New Year — and happy new era! As we clean up the confetti and champagne and get ready to tackle our 2023 resolutions, the cosmos are doing their own reset this year. That’s right, according to author and astrologer Desiree Roby Antila, we are potentially moving into the Age of Aquarius!

“The biggest transit of 2023 is Pluto moving into Aquarius,” she tells SheKnows. “Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and only changes signs once every generation. This is the beginning of a new era and what some believe to be the true Age of Aquarius.” Additionally, Saturn, the planet of collective structure and tradition, will also be making a big shift from Aquarius – where it’s been since 2020 – to Pisces. Saturn typically wants to know what we are doing with our lives, so as it heads into the dreamy and spiritual Pisces sign, expect some big questions as we allow for some deeper meaning.

“Overall, it will be a year of major change,” Antila says. “It could even be the beginning of the shift we have all been waiting for.”

Here’s what else we can expect from the stars in January.

Try friends first

Venus, the planet of love, moves in Aquarius, the quirky, aloof air sign, on January 2nd. So, as Antila puts it, expect relationships to take a turn for the unconventional. And since Aquarius rules technology, she also says that will help give the online dating world “a boost of morale.” So if you haven’t been on the apps for a while, now might be the perfect time. But don’t move too soon with all the lovey-dovey gestures. “Aquarius prizes friendship over anything in love,” Antila says. “So this is a great time to connect with your lover through being one another’s BFFs.”

Cleanse your home and the past

The first full moon of 2023 is January 6th in Cancer will hit us in the feels, says Antila. And thanks to Mercury retrograding in Capricorn, which is opposing this moon, you will especially be pulled towards ones we care deeply for. “If someone from the past crosses your mind, reach out to them if it feels right,” Antila says. “This is a great time to cleanse and clear your home for the new year. Making a delicious and wholesome meal will also be healing under these moonbeams. Think cozy.”

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