This Is Zoe Foster Blake’s Favourite Concealer

When beauty guru Zoe Foster Blake shares her favourite beauty products, we listen. Especially if it’s a concealer. Why? Because we look super tired 98 per cent of the time and there are sooo many brands out there that it’s damn hard to know which one is The One.

So you can only imagine our excitement when Zoe shared her long-time fave for when she wants to look refreshed and awake WITHOUT those pesky creases.

In an Instagram story she shared a snap of her makeup kit for the day, and wrote, “All @tartecosmetics today. (Including THE best concealer: the maracuja creaseless. I have not used another concealer in the two years since discovering it,).”

Tarte Cosmetics make some outstanding products that look *so* damn pretty (they’ve just released a new mermaid collection and we want everything), so we’re not surprised that the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer has Zoe’s heart.

What makes this specific concealer so good?…We hear you ask even though you’ve already hopped onto Sephora and popped it in your cart! Well, it’s a bit of an all-rounder – it’s a non-creasy, creamy concealer (a wee swipe goes a long way) that actually lasts. Not only does it fool everyone into thinking you’re not tired, but it also doesn’t have that crepey, dry appearance that nightmares are made of. 


Concealers and foundation are the products I spend the most money on, but get the least satisfaction. (I blame my pigmentation and tired, dry skin.) But this is the best, most effective, hard-working, useful concealer I have used or found, and I've been thrashing it in the past few months since makeup artist trickster @capanage brought it to my attention. I can't fault it. It's high-pigment, thick, as dewy as a dew factory on national dew day, creamy and I don't need to set with powder. I apply a tinted moisturiser (Nars) all over the face, then blend this in (I'm medium) with my ring finger under the eyes right down to the cheeks, onto my forehead pigmentation, and to conceal uneven skin tone on eyelids and pimple scars etc. It negates my need for correctors, doesn't cake or crease, makes me look fresh and even-toned, and comes with me in my bag for touch-ups, since it acts like a foundation, too. The name, since I've fully rubbed it off with love and usage, is Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer, and I get it from Sephora. It's vegan, and a game and face changer. I, for one, welcome my new concealer overlord.

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And just as an FYI, this isn’t the first time Zoe has confessed her love for this particular concealer. In an Instagram post last year she wrote about her go-to makeup products for a healthy-looking, natural complexion – and of course, Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer made the cut.

“…because it’s thick, dewy-as, and quite frankly the best concealer I’ve ever used for pigmentation and dark circles and other bullsh*t trying to make me look tired and aged,” she wrote.

Thanks for the share Zoe.

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