The Anti-Victoria’s Secret Show Is Here and It’s Pretty Damn Inspiring

One size does not fit all.

This is the inspiration behind the first “anti-Victoria’s Secret” fashion show, an event dedicated in its entirety to celebrating diversity.

After watching the lingerie brand’s infamous annual parade and noting the lack of “real” women on the catwalk, New Jersey sisters Alyse and Lexi Scaffidi decided to flip the script and host their own “body positive” version.

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We actually came up with the idea during last year’s VS Fashion Show, as we were sitting there mesmerized by the spectacular fashion designs,” Alyse, who measures just 4’11” told Yahoo.

The duo, who are also the founders behind wellness franchise BiteSizedFitness cast 21 women with totally different body types, ages and backgrounds for their parade, recruiting for the occasion via friends, family and social media. The participants included cancer survivors, a severe eczema sufferer and an amputee.

We are a group of {r a n d o m} women who came together to create a body confidence fashion show that will inspire others around the world to “love themselves!” ??? . – We all believe in the SAME message that everyone is BEAUTIFUL! . – It doesn’t matter what shape, size, race, or setbacks you may have, you are enough! . – CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO to purchase a “different” crop tank & join our BODY CONFIDENCE movement!! . – The best part is that we are donating 50% of all profits to the @nationalnow1 “love your body” campaign!! ? . – Photographer: @zuke_rs Angels: @julie @bitesizedfitness @hexadecimate @glam_by_sofi @brina_lovelaughlift @chansteinnn @ksevo @biy_makeup_ #bedifferent #loveyourself #beyourself #youmatter #confidentlybeautiful #perfectlyme #bodyconfidence #confidence #confident #women #love #life #happy #fashion #loveyourbody #vsangel #different #instagood #photography #family #lovethem

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The premise? Showcasing relatable, everyday people to shake up the mentality that “sample-sized” is best.

“We want to change young women’s opinions of what’s considered beautiful,” Alyse explained.

“We want to help them embrace beauty in their uniqueness and differences, which will inspire them to chase after their dreams, regardless of society’s opinions.”

She added: “It’s about breaking away from a stereotypical look of what is beautiful and celebrating who you are as a person.”

“It doesn’t matter if your 5ft tall or 6ft tall, 100 pounds, 200 pounds, if you’re 20 or 60, you are beautiful and the story, the scars, the things that make you distinct are what is beautiful about you,” she added in a promotional YouTube clip. 

“Love who you are as a person and be willing and proud to show that off.”


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