Sitting dead at the kitchen table: man dies in seniors-WG, but nurses do not realize it

A pair raises serious allegations against a home-based care services from Bavaria. His mother-in-law had lived in a seniors-rent of the carrier. The conditions there: frightening. So a resident had died about at the dinner table – first of all, the staff had not noticed this.

The &quot reported;tz". The man had, therefore, dead in the kitchen of the senior citizens of the WG for the maintenance service "Sonnenschein" in a Long chair in his roll at the table sat, while other seniors were sitting around him, and ate. The nurse had not noticed that she had been completely overwhelmed. The doctor I later realised that the man had died.

A toothbrush for the whole floor

However, the allegations of the relatives who wishes to remain anonymous, go even further: it would have been in a different Senioren-WG of the carrier in the summer weeks, only sugary drinks. Especially for diabetics, a health risk.

In addition, the relatives reported that his mother-in-law could not even have Breakfast because she found her Teeth. The reason, in retrospect, turned out: The Teeth had used the nurse, another resident. In addition, I have stood for all residents of a floor temporarily just have a toothbrush available, he reports.

Defects were "only top of the Eisbergs"

Together with Doctors and nurses who had worked in the past for the nursing service, has written a letter to the members of a Complaint. Five of the pages it includes and the defects complained of were "only the tip of the Eisbergs" is so the man.  

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Specifically, the author of the complaint letter asking for a change in the law. Because according to the current legislation it is not senior citizens are to homes that are subject to the controls of the home supervision. This must change urgently.

The care service "Sonnenschein" operates six residential communities in the area of Augsburg, Germany. Expressed, he has not yet to the allegations.

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