Salesforce, others unveil new data management technologies at HIMSS19

Today at HIMSS19, Salesforce, Information Builders and Nyansa all unveiled new products in the data management arena.

Salesforce, a prominent customer relationship management technology vendor, has introduced new capabilities to its Salesforce Health Cloud designed to improve healthcare through connected, intelligent patient engagement, the company said.

Social determinants of health

With new social determinants of health capabilities, care teams can have a complete patient profile, empowering them to connect the care journey and deliver the personalized experiences that patients expect, the company said. Salesforce Health Cloud’s new capabilities power complete patient profiles, relevant patient communications, and convenient, connected in-home care, the company added.

“On the social determinants of health front, while medical care continues to improve at a steady pace, that alone cannot address the 80 to 90 percent of modifiable contributors to healthy outcomes, such as living conditions, socioeconomic status and environmental factors,” the vendor stated. “These social determinants of health are frequently not identified by care providers, as systems for tracking and surfacing them are siloed in electronic health record systems that require manual updates and are difficult to use.”

Now care providers can capture critical social determinant information – such as a patient’s transportation options, housing status and care network, and access it in a patient profile – directly within Health Cloud. This gives the provider a more complete view of the critical factors that influence wellness, adherence and outcomes, all on one connected platform, the vendor said.

“For example, a care provider that wants to limit a patient’s risk for readmission can know if the patient has access to transportation, or the ability to purchase healthy meals,” Salesforce said. “Similarly, a life science organization that wants to help patients adhere to their therapies or properly use their medical devices can see a patient’s employment status and living arrangements, and thus offer the necessary level of financial and in-home support.”

Salesforce is at HIMSS19 in booth 3311.

Accurate provider information

In other HIMSS19 data management news, Information Builders, a business intelligence and data management technology vendor, today announced the launch of Omni-HealthData Provider Master Edition, an information management system designed to help establish and maintain accurate provider information across multiple data systems.

Omni-HealthData Provider Master Edition facilitates and streamlines the process to standardize, manage and maintain complex provider data, the company explained. By simplifying data acquisition, it enables faster data integration so that organizations save time on extract, transform and load processes, the vendor added.

“With the new solution, healthcare organizations can achieve a timely, trusted view of provider information across the continuum of practices to support the flexibility needed to navigate changing industry needs,” Information Builders said.

Healthcare organizations frequently have to update provider data because of the dynamic relationships among industry players. With a fully pre-built data model that encompasses not only provider and practice data, but also human resources, facility and organizational data, Omni-HealthData Provider Master Edition is designed to improve a healthcare organization’s ability to deliver the highest-quality care, the company contended.

The cloud-based platform for mastering, governing and sharing provider data, Information Builders said, provides, among other things: compliance with industry and regulatory demands by eliminating provider data inconsistencies; improved accuracy of data integrated from multiple industry sources; ability to identify opportunities for acquisition or organic growth through geographic distribution analysis; reduced referral leakage by accessing accurate and up-to-date provider-to-practice relationships; and improved operational performance and patient satisfaction.

“Healthcare providers wear many hats – from solo practitioner to group practice or hospitalist – making it difficult to keep track of their role in an encounter at a given point in time,” said Dennis McLaughlin, vice president of Omni operations at Information Builders. “Inaccurate information from duplicate or missing data can cause delays across the healthcare system, creating patient frustration and hindering the ability to perform provider benchmarking.”

The new system is designed to enable organizations to establish and maintain accurate provider information despite the dynamic relationships within the industry, ultimately ensuring better organizational practices and improved patient care, McLaughlin added.

Information Builders is at HIMSS19 in booth 4543.

Nyansa, Citrix and GE Healthcare

Elsewhere at HIMSS19 in data management news, Nyansa today delivered direct integration of Citrix application data into its Voyance network analytics platform with the aim of eliminating performance blind spots inhibiting the efficient delivery of essential healthcare patient services. Voyance has been certified by Citrix to work with both XenApp and XenDesktop as part of the Citrix Ready certification program.

Additionally, the company announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with GE Healthcare to provide visibility into the health, performance and behavior of network-connected IoT devices, such as bedside monitors and telemetry equipment being introduced within hospitals.

“New single-purpose IoT healthcare devices and Citrix-based applications have become non-negotiable tools for delivering the quality patient care and ensuring the highest levels of productivity for doctors, clinicians and staff,” said Kristien Kramer, network engineering team lead at Northeast Georgia Health System. “But with so many new devices to manage, applications to monitor and data to analyze, many healthcare IT organizations are under pressure to get in front of the problem of how to understand what’s going on, where and why. This is precisely what Nyansa is helping them achieve.”

Citrix systems for health IT organizations are designed to enable digital transformation by providing clinicians with instant access to patient information as they roam across facilities, devices and networks, Nyansa said. With advanced integration of Citrix data into Nyansa’s AI-based Voyance analytics platform, IT staff now have the ability to automatically identify the culprit performance problems impacting essential Citrix-based EHR applications, such as Epic and Allscripts, that have become the defacto standard for real-time delivery of patient-centered records to clinical staff, Nyansa said.

Detailed Citrix application data is directly collected, analyzed and correlated with all other data sources across the entire network to help IT staff quickly find and fix issues impacting the performance of Citrix applications, Nyansa added.

Working with GE Healthcare, Nyansa has developed the ability to parse the proprietary GE Unity/Carescape network protocol spoken between GE bedside monitors and GE viewers at the central station, Nyansa explained.

This protocol analysis enables the ability to calculate client experience metrics such as how well the heart rate, oxygen levels and other vitals are being received by the GE viewers. This user experience data is then fed into Voyance, Nyansa’s user management performance platform.

“As a new data source into the Voyance platform, all telemetry data analysis is automatically and securely correlated across the full-stack of network data analytics currently available within Voyance,” Nyansa explained. “This now gives IT teams a more complete, accurate and contextual picture of the performance of these mission-critical devices on the network.”

Nyansa is at HIMSS19 in booth 9000.

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