Pollen of hazel and alder pollen fly, thanks to mild temperatures

Not yet gone to the heights of the snow, the first Pollen to fly in February. A little earlier than usual hazel, and alder are already on the way. “In the Wake of climate change, we must adjust to the fact that many of the pollen types will sooner fly,” said the Freiburg medical meteorologist Andreas Matzarakis of the German press Agency.

By mild Winter, the Vegetation get generally earlier in the course, the Professor of medicine-Meteorological research of the German weather service (DWD).

In the lower elevations of the southwest, the centre has experienced Pollen at the end of the week a medium-sized load of hazel. In the case of alder, the Pollen-risk index as low to medium. In the light of the sun and the expected temperatures up to 17 degrees, the load could increase. Matzarakis pointed out that temperature is not the only decisive factor for the Pollen. When plants are in bloom depends on many factors – such as time of day, Wind, radiation or dryness.

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Despite the Pollen count: Allergy sufferers should be in the nature

Pollen Allergy sufferers who react to early bloomers should still &quot also now in the nature: ;17 degrees and the sun have a positive impact on the health of the Menschen", Matzarakis said. The spring breeze do to the mind and hardness: "With good weather you can train the body." This was the case as well wetterfühlige or weather-sensitive people who get to feel a change in the weather physically, be it by head or knee pain.