New UK report shows mental health and financial toll of ‘gay ban’ in the military

New report shows mental health and financial toll of 'gay ban' in the military

  • 86% of LGBT+ veterans felt dismissal for sexual orientation or gender identity from the Armed Forces affected their mental health
  • 74% of those dismissed said their finances have been affected.
  • 82% of respondents were subjected to intrusive investigations. 72% felt “vilified,” “treated like a criminal”
  • 65% of LGBT+ veterans surveyed said it affected their employment and careers
  • 56 % said it had impacted having a place to live
  • 84.4% of survey respondents reported being lonely
  • An apology on behalf of the Nation by the Prime Minister
  • Wiping criminal records for those criminalized for sexual orientation and other measures to remove the shame experienced by LGBT+ veterans and celebrate their service
  • Compensation for serious lifelong harm to LGBT+ veterans in the region of £100,000 per person. This is in line with the Windrush and Tainted Blood schemes
  • Payment for loss of pensions is complex and must be assessed and redressed fairly to reflect individual circumstances
  • Develop the specialist mental health services to address the trauma experienced by LGBT+ Veterans.

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