Internal bleeding: What makes Aspirin so dangerous – Video

In the case of pain in the limbs, headache and dizziness, many fall naturally to Aspirin. Also for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes it is used. The intake of freely available pain is fraught by significant hazards.

The Aspirin active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid relieves pain, inflammation, and lowers fever. Due to the blood-thinning effect of the drug is seizures, but also in the prevention of for the prevention of stroke and heart attacks. But researchers at the London King'College now warn of the dangers of Aspirin.

Risk of internal bleeding increases by 43 percent

In a in the “Journal of the American Medical Association” publish study, it is stated that the daily intake of locks for the prevention of Vascular such as heart attack and stroke is not harmless. Although aspirin reduces the heart attack and stroke risk in a healthy person, in order to eleven percent. The risk of internal bleeding by a full 43 percent increase. This has been demonstrated in 13 clinical trials with data from over 164.000 subjects.

Risk and Benefits of Aspirin weigh always

Study leader Sean Zheng explains: “The study shows that there is not enough evidence to recommend that healthy people Aspirin for the permanent taking against heart attacks and strokes.” Therefore, patients should always Use in consultation with a doctor and risk of the drug to weigh.