How To Honour International Women’s Day, According To Meghan And Harry

If in need of a feminist role model, you needn’t look further than Meghan Markle. Despite suffering a battering from the UK media, the Duchess of Sussex has been a fierce feminist, often spoken her mind when it comes to socio-political issues, and ensured hers isn’t just a voice that’s heard, but one that’s supported by her own actions, too. While some women in the spotlight, particularly those of a royal nature, feel the need to shy away from questions on feminism, Meghan has proclaimed she is “proud to be a woman and a feminist.” She was a vocal supporter of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movement and even made a feminist statement on her wedding day. Now, Meghan is seeking to empower more women and, alongside Prince Harry, has compiled a list of 20 different charitable acts that can be done this International Women’s Day. 

Ahead of International Women’s Day, which takes place on March 8, Meghan and Harry shared a list of actions on the couple’s charitable foundation website, Archewell. The post reads, “We know the world is asking more and more of women every day – as wage earners, leaders, educators, carers, and more.” The statement continued: “In recognition of International Women’s Day, let’s unleash a groundswell of real acts of compassion for the women in your life and in your community.”

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The list of actions includes personal acts of kindness like phoning a friend, as well as acts to support women-owned businesses and charities that focus on women’s issues. The post also includes mention of charities the couple has worked with in the past, such as Smart Works, a women’s employment charity Meghan worked with since January 2019. There’s also a suggestion to “help girls thrive, learn and lead,” which includes information about CAMFED, an Africa-based girls’ education charity that the donated to in honour of Harry’s birthday last fall. 

The post made by the couple comes ahead of the highly anticipated tell-all interview with Oprah, where it’s said the two will discuss what it was like to leave the Royal Family and the treatment they received from the press during the time, amongst other things of course. After they were recently stripped of their titles, the pair fired back with the comment that service is universal, and this only goes to show that they are continuing to serve, even if from afar. 

“Our hope is to inspire everyone to take action and commit to participating in just one act,” a spokesperson for the couple said. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be participating in and taking a number of these actions themselves throughout the month and are hopeful to see families and communities everywhere join together to unleash compassion, one action at a time.”

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