How Carrie Bickmore Got Those Abs

We’re used to seeing her sitting behind a newsdesk. But it turns out Carrie Bickmore is a serious sweat-lover – from ab-sculpting power pilates to knocking out burpees at CrossFit. Here, she opens up about fitness, food, that emotional Logies speech and her latest life-changing mission.

What workouts do you tend to tackle?

It’s a mixed bag. I walk most days, I run and on the weekend I do a pilates class. I’ve just started CrossFit, too, which has been fun. I like the high intensity. I’m not good at things that are too slow. I’ve found a KX pilates studio, which uses weights, so it’s fast. Some weeks I get five workouts in, some only three. But I’m quite relaxed about it and my weeks are pretty active no matter what I’m doing.

What does breaking a sweat do for you?

During tougher periods in my life, sometimes the only release I had was putting my headphones in and going for a walk or run. Or grabbing a friend, going to a class together and having fun. I feel more tired if I haven’t worked out than when I exercise regularly, even if I’ve got a busy schedule. Exercise is one of those things I try not to let go of because I end up in a place where I’m not motivated and feeling flat. 

What does your day on a plate look like?

I usually have yoghurt and muesli or porridge for breakfast. Then I’ll have a coffee mid-morning and a wrap or sushi for lunch. My days are long so I’ll often have something sweet in the afternoon. My other energy boosters are tea, nuts and fruit. On The Project we have dips, hummus, carrots, celery and crackers, then once I get home it’s dinner. I’m trying to add more fish to my diet. I love food and cooking. We’ve got lots of fruits and vegies in the house and the majority of our eating habits are really good, but when we want to eat something yummy, we’ll have it.

Your Gold Logies speech was a huge moment. What led you to open up?

A couple of days before, a friend asked what I’d say if I won, so I thought ‘What am I passionate about?’. And then I thought maybe I should talk about brain cancer, the statistics, how little funding there is and how horrible a disease it is. I also wanted to pay tribute to Greg – he’d been so much a part of my professional life as well as my personal life. I’m really glad I did it. We’ve achieved huge amounts thanks to the generosity of Australians, more than I ever thought was going to be possible.

Want killer abs like Carrie’s?

Get into KX – a fast-paced mash-up of reformer-bed pilates, weights and cardio. Master trainer Rachel Fraser shares the moves to expect.


Focus on plenty of reverse flys, bicep curls, prone dorsal raises, push-ups and triceps dips – plus The Offering, a sequence that targets the chest and shoulders, done either kneeling or seated.


Go for planks, wheelbarrows, teasers, oblique pikes, pikes and side planks. Seriously intense.


Try scooters, lunges, side-lying leg presses, carriage kick-aways and clams (side-lying knee raises). Feeling the burn yet?


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