Generics for Hepatitis C Medications Harvoni and Epclusa Now Available in Pharmacies

Luckily, Gilead, one of the leading manufacturers of hepatitis C treatments, just released generics for two of their most popular brand medications: Harvoni and Epclusa. These are the only generic medications approved so far to treat hepatitis C, and this news marks a big milestone for those struggling to pay for their hepatitis C medications.

What are the new generics?

Harvoni’s new generic is ledipasvir/sofosbuvir and Epclusa’s new generic is coupon drug=velpatasvir-sofosbuvir]velpatasvir/sofosbuvir[/coupon]. Both of these new generics are exact replicas of their brand-name counterparts, with the same forms and strengths.

Harvoni’s generic is available as a tablet with a strength of 90 mg/400 mg, and Epclusas’s generic is available as a tablet with a strength of 400 mg/100 mg.

How much do generic Harvoni and Epclusa cost?

The authorized generics of Epclusa and Harvoni are now available in pharmacies, and both have list prices of $24,000 for their most common course of treatment. At some pharmacies, patients can get the same prescription of either generic for around $10,000 with a GoodRx coupon.

While still expensive, these new generics are substantially cheaper than Harvoni and Epclusa, which have list prices of $94,500 and $74,760, respectively, for a 12-week course of therapy.

What are common side effects of generic Harvoni and Epclusa?

Common side effects of generic Harvoni (ledipasvir/sofosbuvir) include diarrhea, headache, nausea, tiredness, and trouble sleeping, while side effects of generic Epclusa (velpatasvir/sofosbuvir) include allergic reactions, breathing problems, depressed mood, dizziness, and unusual weakness, or tiredness.

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