Experts advise: Just as dietary supplements make sense

Many vitamin pills are useless, some even harmful

Vitamin tablets, mineral capsules and other nutritional supplements is booming. About every third German citizen resorts to the preparations. Most of the consumers are convinced that you are doing something good for your health – but often this is not the case. The Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) is defined in the framework of the International Green week about the Benefits and health risks of dietary supplements.

“Many products promise positive effects for health, well-being and performance – your intake may also be associated with health risks“, says BfR President Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel in a press release. A balanced and varied diet to stay in most of the cases, the better Alternative. There is, however, also situations in which it may be expedient to take such preparations.

Food supplements are not medicines

The BfR would like to reach, that consumer handle consumers sensitive with food supplements. For this purpose, the Federal Institute on the possible risks defined. Many people is not well known that food supplements are classified in Germany as a food. In contrast to medications, you need to go through any elaborate testing and approval procedures. First and foremost, the manufacturer itself is therefore, for the safety of the products. So the quality of the products can also vary greatly. In particular, the Internet, the products sold do not comply with sometimes German and European food regulations. The BfR advises to check the products and the providers, before you buy carefully to respectability.

Supplements are mostly superfluous

“In most cases, the intake of nutritional supplements is unnecessary,” emphasize the BfR experts. A balanced and varied diet provide a healthy body with everything he needs. In certain situations, there is, however, preparations that are useful.

For these people, supplements can be useful