Even in small quantities – So dangerous alcohol is

Alcohol is still a social Problem

A glass of wine with dinner, a beer after work or with friends: For many, alcohol is a natural part of everyday life. But not everyone is aware of how he is damaging his body. For a long time, the view, a daily glass of red wine is healthy for the heart and blood vessels.

There is no right amount of alcohol

Last summer, a large Meta-warned-the study, published in the journal „The Lancet“, that there is no safe amount of alcohol. No limit could exclude a health risk, in each case, the researchers at the University of Washington. Negative influences and the overall risk to trump according to the authors, minor positive effects.

The problem of consciousness is still too low

The „World Cancer Research Fund“ more than 200 diseases with the consumption of alcohol. To count the physical damage caused by alcohol about impairments of the organs, especially the liver, which must break down the alcohol, and the pancreas. Also Obesity, hypertension, and dementia can be related.

Alcohol has a high addiction potential

A great danger is the addiction potential of alcohol: The drug Commissioner of the Federal government is on the record that nationwide, about 1.3 million people are considered to be alcohol-dependent. And 9.5 million are consuming alcohol in „risky health Form“. The problem of awareness in the population remains low.

Alcohol also increases the risk of cancer

What is likely to be some people are well known: alcohol also increases the risk of cancer clearly. The cancer information service, German cancer research center, according to wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages in Europe in men for a of eleven are responsible in women for one of the 33 new Cancer cases. Demonstrably, there is this relation for several types of cancer: mouth, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, bowel, liver and breast cancer – for stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer, it is also as likely.

The more alcohol is drunk, the greater the risk of disease. The German nutrition society (DGE) wrote a few years ago: The best prevention of cancer is the complete absence of alcoholic beverages. Also, the above-mentioned overview of the study in 2018 would suggest so.

Limits are for safe consumption

Who would not want to banish alcoholic drinks completely out of his life, should at least be clear that, Although the maximum recommended amount per day for men is not more than half a Liter of beer or a quarter litre of wine (about 24 grams) and for women at the half – in compliance with two alcohol-free days in the week. However, a health concern, countless. (fm)