Dean McDermott to Coach Boxing Classes in LA: 'What It's Done for Me Emotionally Is Incredible'

Dean McDermott is taking his skills to the ring.

On Wednesday, the Slasher actor (and now boxing coach!) hosted a private boxing/sparring class called “The Lunch Punch” at Tapout Fitness in Woodland Hills – and opened up to PEOPLE about why it was important to him.

“Boxing has renewed my passion for it,” McDermott, 52, said. “But what it’s done for me emotionally is incredible. The release of endorphins, that rush, just getting out of my head. All the negativity goes away. It’s such a stress relief. It’s a great way to get it out.”

“I’ve boxed since I was a kid and have done MMA,” he added. “One-way sparring, which is where you can hit me but I can’t hit you. You can put into use all the things you learned on the heavy bag and use it in a fight scenario and you’re safe, not going to get hurt and you’re going to come out confident and empowered at the end of it. Boxing reveals character, builds character and confidence.”

The father of five defended his wife Tori Spelling and their family on Twitter Tuesday after he was criticized for advertising the upcoming boxing class that he’ll be hosting on Feb. 11, which is $25 for participants.

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“First bullying my wife, my kids and now me? Check out season 3 of my Netflix series SLASHER premiering this summer. And, thanks for the free publicity for my new passion project,” he tweeted in response to Radar Online, which tweeted that the “Actor is pulling out all the stops amid his and wife Tori Spelling’s money woes” alongside an article link.

His clap back comes nearly three weeks after he slammed critics who body-shamed his children.

“As an adult you learn to get thick skin,” McDermott, who shares kids Liam, 11, Stella, 10, Hattie, 7, Finn, 6, and Beau, 1, with Spelling, told PEOPLE. “You become immune to it. But when they start go after innocent kids – why can’t I share my family like every other person does on social media. It’s intolerable. They’re innocent.

“I don’t understand why someone would take time out of their day to write something nasty about an innocent child,” he added. “It’s negative energy that you’re putting out in the world. People think it’s ok, and it’s not.”

And as a mother, Spelling can’t fathom the hate.

“It’s a different level now,” the actress, 45, told PEOPLE. “It’s just gotten to such an extreme it feels like on one hand everyone is saying, ‘Anti-bullying’ but then on the other hand celebrities are fair game and I don’t know what the disconnect is. It is hard to say nothing because you can’t win either way.”

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