Crystal Meth eats away at the body, mind and soul – Video

Inconspicuous crystals turn out to be the most dangerous drug in the world: The fashion drug Crystal Meth. A measure against the poison from the Czech Republic are targeted veil searches. FOCUS Online accompanied the undercover investigations and also with drawn the Victims of the Horror drug.

It looks like a harmless granulated sugar, but it is the most dangerous drug in the world is hidden: So, experts of Crystal Meth describe. Especially in the North of Bavaria and Saxony along the Czech border, is the drug for years a big issue. While, according to the crime statistics of drug use in Germany is generally on the decline, has increased tenfold in the First use of Meth in 2011, almost. Pay the alarm to the Bavarian interior Minister Joachim Herrmann.

Open borders facilitate smuggling of Crystal Meth

A measure of the veil investigations on the German-Czech border. Because Crystal Meth is produced mainly in the drug kitchens in the Czech Republic. The way over the border to Germany is not that far. The border police in Waidhaus is alarmed, therefore, for a long time.

Already 20 % of the local police drug seizures alone is Crystal Meth. Due to the open borders, the number of unreported cases is likely to be several times higher. Also, the number of consumers has risen in the North of Bavaria and Saxony, especially in the last three years dramatically. The Problem is the easy availability.

Crystal Meth instantly makes dependent

Also, Crystal Meth is in comparison to other drugs much cheaper. However, Dr. Härtel-Petri, a specialist in addiction medicine, warns appreciate Crystal. “In the case of other substances, it takes a year at least until a proper dependency has developed. In the case of Crystal Meth, there are many patients who say that they were after the first, second, or third Time already.“

US campaigns such as the Meth Not Even Once show with video clips, how destructive Crystal Meth is. Many first-time consumers come up with Crystal Meth, especially as a party drug in contact. Crystal disinhibited, euphoric and holds for hours. Up to 36 hours of pure noise feeling.

Crystal Meth alters the addict

But who is on it, for the depth of the case follows quickly. The consumers grow thin, the teeth fall out and the pimples disfigure the face. In the party scene is nothing to see of which, however. “In the Phase, if a Dependent pimples has, it does not go to the disco. This is not to say he is not visible. The others see only the Great and have the feeling that the images, such as for example, Meth not Even Once, that these pictures are true.“

One wonders, however, addiction patients in the district hospital, high town, near Bayreuth, to confirm these images. In high town the therapists have specialized already ten years ago on Crystal Meth. What the patients reported here, demonstrates the enormous destructive power of the drug. Because in addition to the external deterioration, especially the personality of the consumer is changed.

Addicts of Crystal Meth is eaten

Crystal can lead to serious psychoses, such as a Patient know to report. “The drug is not broken only mentally, but also physically. You can develop a schizophrenia, what was with me almost the case. I started hearing voices, I heard cries for help.“ In the end, he was committed to a psychiatric hospital. Therapy and stay in high city followed.

Here are the stories of the patients are similar. Many are mothers or fathers, and were in the midst of life. The Methkonsum has destroyed the lives of these people, as they knew it, completely. Anyone who starts young can determine Crystal Meth for life. A vicious circle, just like a woman from the North of Bavaria-and-white. “Crystal Meth is so strong that it devours everything. Also me has to eat the Crystal.“ For more than twenty years, she fights against the drug – this time she wants to win this fight.

Crystal Meth destroys the lives

Long Crystal Meth is well-established in the drug scene in Germany. But hardly any drug is damaging to the people so much as the unimpressive-looking crystals. Crystal Meth destroys the society, capable of life – both visually as well as dramatically and psychologically.