Co-payment exemption request now

Some people in Germany are exempt from the statutory co-payment for drugs. If you are included, you can check with the payment calculator is quite simple.

Who needs more than two percent of its annual gross income for medicines, medical AIDS or medical trips numbers, of the statutory co-payment exempt. In the case of chronically ill patients, it is a percent. Now can legally apply for an exemption Insured on your health insurance application for the year 2019. Already at the beginning of the year issued certificate is a financial and bureaucratic relief: If you get, for example, a drug in the pharmacy and the exemption notice to submit, you must pay no charge.

"Since the certificate is only valid for one calendar year, must be requested from a previously applicable co-payment exemption new werden", pharmacist Dr. Volker Schmitt, press Secretary of the pharmacist in Bavaria says. Pharmacies are required by law, the drug co-payments to collect and the health insurance forward if the prescribing physician is not a liberation note on the recipe is listed, or the Patient may submit a corresponding notice in the pharmacy.

From the age of 18. The age of need to all by law, a co-payment Insured persons pay their health insurance, if you are in need of medicines, therapeutic AIDS and appliances or travel expenses, hospital treatment or rehabilitation measures may apply. In the case of medicines, co-payments amount to ten percent of the price, but a minimum of five euros and a maximum of ten Euro. The price of a medicinal product for less than five euros, is also the co-payment drops to this amount.

With the 2019 updated payment calculator on you can determine whether you can make the payment free.


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