Chris Pratt Nominates John Krasinski To Join Michael Strahan's 25 Push-Up Challenge

John Krasinski is putting his muscles to good use.

“Hello, hello, John Krasinski here. I was just challenged by Mr. Chris Pratt to do 25 push-ups for a amazing cause: MVP, Merging Vets for Players,” the 38-year-old Jack Ryan actor said on Thursday in a video posted on Twitter, explaining that the non-profit organization “gives us a chance to fight for the men and women who have fought for us.”

“For every 25 push-ups, supposedly Michael Strahan is gonna give an amazing piece of equipment to these people in this organization, so hopefully I can do 25 push-ups,” he added, before taking a deep breath and beginning the challenge.

After easily polishing off the challenge in just 25 seconds, the father of two went on to implore Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who he jokingly claimed “can’t even do 25 push-ups,” as well as Chris Evans to support the cause.

“It’s been a while since Thanos snapped, so let’s see how much more Captain America has left in him,” he added.

While neither of the two stars have yet to publicly put their muscles to the test, in 2016 both Johnson and Evans joined 22Kill’s #22PushUpChallenge, and did 22 push-ups every day for a week straight in order to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention. The number 22 symbolizes the number of veterans who commit suicide every day.

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Pratt previously completed the challenge on Wednesday.

“Thank you @michaelstrahan for donating gear to the incredible @mergingvetsandplayers Such an awesome organization @jayglazer set up,” he wrote alongside a video of himself sweating it out.

In addition to nominating Krasinski, the Jurassic World star also called upon actor and retired wrestler Dave Bautista and Caleb Shaw to step up to the plate. While neither of the pair have posted their own videos yet, Shaw wrote on Thursday that he accepted the challenge — and encouraged Krasinski and Bautista to “honor some HEROES!”

Merging Vets and Players is a non-profit organization started in 2015 by Jay Glazer, one of the founders of Unbreakable, a gym in Los Angeles that is frequented by many celebrities. The aim of the organization is to try and help bring former professional athletes and former combat veterans together, to help “tackle the transition” that happens “after the uniform comes off,” according to its website.

I am challenging @jayglazer and all members of @unbreakableperformance to a push up challenge for @mergingvetsandplayers. It’s on folks, how many pushups can you do? To participate you must be a member of Unbreakable, post your push up video on Instagram, and tag @mbymichaelstrahan. #UNBREAKABLExMSX

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On Aug. 8, the Good Morning America host — and former defensive end for the New York Giants — announced that he was calling on all of the members of the gym to support the good cause.

“It’s on folks,” he captioned the video, before clarifying that in order to participate “you must be a member of Unbreakable” and tag his clothing line and lifestyle website, which would be responsible for donating the equipment.

After putting his own muscles to the test, Glazer went on to nominate another celebrity: Snoop Dogg.

“I am calling upon the original, the one and only @snoopdogg to keep the ball rolling!” Glazer wrote. However, the 46-year-old rapper does not seem to have dropped down and given Glazer 25 yet.

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