Because of this machine a 21-year-old student will perhaps never again

The 21-year-old student Sophie Butler from the UK Essex used the same so-called Squatting machine, at which she trained for almost two years, day in and day out. But on a day in July, she lost the Grip. The weight crashed down on them and broke their spine.

Since that day, the young student is paralyzed and in a wheelchair. It was the day, received at their last study results and, therefore, their studies completed. It was supposed to be their last Practice before they left the gym. They wanted to celebrate together with her father, the successful College graduate, she told the Daily Mail.

But it came differently: the weight of the machine broke her spine and pressed a section of your spinal cord. Butler had to take an eight-hour Emergency SURGERY, which had the goal, the pressure from your spine, so that she could hopefully go again one day. There are two screws and a metal pin were used. But from the hip, she remained paralyzed.  

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However, the 21-Year-old was determined to fight. After she was located for six weeks only, she decided at the time of Graduation from your University to be part of it. Within two weeks she passed the physiotherapy training programme of the month.  

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And in fact: Butler was on 6. September your certificate of completion for the Lincoln University personally to pick up. Since then, the young woman continues to struggle. Because the Doctors told her that it was impossible that she could run through the physical therapy again one day. The young woman is currently working.

On Instagram, she writes: “Where there’s life, there is hope. Because nothing is impossible.“

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