A Doctor Explains What it Means if You Get Tired After You Poop

We all have embarrassing health-related questions that just need to be answered. And chances are, more than half have to do with poop.

Here’s one you may have pondered more than once while on your porcelain throne: Why am I so dang tired after I poop?

Well, thankfully Dr. Sameer Islam is here to answer this, ahem, unique question on his YouTube channel. And, yes, there is absolutely a medical reason for this phenomenon.

The most common reason, according to Dr. Islam, is something called a vasovagal reflex.

“Whenever you use the restroom, you squeeze those abdominal muscles really tight to push things out,” Dr. Islam says. “That squeezing of the abdominal muscles causes your vagus nerve to be contracted.”

This essential nerve helps control relaxation, so the squeezing of it can actually decrease your heart rate, causing your blood pressure to drop. This means less blood is going to your brain, giving you this sensation of being dizzy or tired, according to Dr. Islam.

This common issue isn’t something to worry about, according to Dr. Islam. But there are some ways to help curb the need to snooze after a bowel movement.

“One of the things you can do to hopefully get that taken care of is maybe not push as much as you typically do,” he says. “Or take deep breaths and allow that blood flow go back in your head.”

Just make sure you aren’t doing intense breathing exercises in public restrooms. That’s just weird.

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