Watch Naomi Campbell Deadlift 105 Pounds Like It's No Biggie

  • Naomi Campbell, 49, just shared a video of herself deadlifting 105 pounds using a Pentagon Bar.
  • According to her trainer, Ben Bruno, Naomi thought she couldn’t lift that much weight.
  • Naomi regularly shares videos of herself doing intense workouts on Instagram.

Naomi Campbell has owned the modeling scene for decades, and now, the 49-year-old just shared a new Instagram post that proves she’s crushing it at the gym in the process.

In the video, Naomi can be seen looking all Naomi Campbell-like, while she picks up a Pentagon Bar packed with 105 pounds. She’s wearing leggings and a fitted top, and her hair is down and glossy. She then does a bunch of weighted deadlifts like it’s NBD.

Apparently, she didn’t think she could do it, because her trainer Ben Bruno remarked in the background that he was right and she was wrong (and he made her say it, too–hahaha).

People cheered Naomi on in the comments. “Yesssssss,” said one. “Being Naomi!” said another. And, of course, there were hand clap and fire emojis for days.

Bruno also shared the video on his Instagram, praising his client. “Well, this is awesome. Naomi Campbell (@naomi) deadlifting like a boss. Strong! I love it,” he wrote in the caption. (SAME.)

While Naomi is a total badass in this video, it’s hardly the first time she’s blown fans away with her gym moves. There was this video of her doing all kinds of stuff, including battle ropes:

And then this time she did one-handed pull-ups:

And then there’s the time she jump roped like a true cardio queen:

So yeah, Naomi doesn’t mess at the gym—and it shows.

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