Watch Bodybuilder Kai Greene Crush His First Ever CrossFit WOD in Times Square

YouTube’s fitness duo the Buttery Bros (also known as Heebs and Mars) are known for their high-energy workout videos and unconventional challenges. So when they teamed up with personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder Kai Greene for their latest video, it wasn’t going to be just another day at the gym.

Driving out to meet Kai at his gym in New Jersey, the brothers dared him to do something new: a CrossFit WOD. And to up the ante, he had to do it in Times Square, New York City, in freezing winter weather. Naturally, the former Arnold Classic winner and three-time Mr. Olympia runner-up said yes, despite not knowing the first thing about the sport’s staple moves.

Heebs and Mars chose the “Randy” WOD for Kai’s big attempt, which consists of performing 75 power snatches in as quick a time as possible. “I’ve seen a few,” said Kai, although he then admitted that he had never actually done one before, and so Heebs demonstrated the correct form, which Kai swiftly picked up before starting the challenge, in full view of the public. High stakes for a newbie. Additionally, not content with the standard 75-pound weight, Kai appears to increase the load of his lifts to 135 pounds.

The Randy allows participants to break down the 75 snatch reps into as many sets as they like. Kai was able to churn out a set of 33 no problem, despite the bar being, in his own words, “cold as f**k”. He made up the rest of his reps in rapid succession in his next set, finishing with a time of 6 minutes 40 seconds—an “intermediate” scoring time in CrossFit. Not bad for a total beginner.

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